Tips for Promoting Newsletters

Promoting your newsletter can seem like a daunting task. However, you can be successful if you are willing to do the work. Here are some things that I have learned along the way. I am sure that they will help get you started in the right direction…

MAKE IT AVAILABLE TO YOUR VISITORS: Place a newsletter sign up form on the top of EVERY page of your site and/or forums. By doing this, you are making your newsletter available to every visitor of your site. It is also good for those visitors that may want to sign up, but are busy reading content, and missed the form on another page.

MESSAGE BOARDS: Use your signature to promote the newsletter! Message board sigs are a fantastic promotional tool. It’s like free advertising. Every time you post, there are countless opportunities for your sig line to be read.

BLOGS: Place a link on your blog to the newsletter sign up page. There are many potential subscribers out there that love to Blog. They exclusively search blogs for information. Make the most of your Blog, and use it to promote your business, products, and NEWSLETTER!

Another Blog option is to visit other blogs and post comments with a link to your newsletter sign up page. Most blog comment systems offer a link option. However, make sure you are posting a relevant comment or you may get it deleted. NEVER spam!

ONE of a KIND: There are thousands of newsletters out there in your niche. Make yours different. If you are a carbon copy of everyone else, why would people want to read yours? Be unique…originality goes a long way!

WORD of MOUTH: Once you have mastered the art of originality, your subscribers will tell their friends what a great newsletter you have. You can also have top monthly referral prizes, and newsletter promotional contests to get that word of mouth going.

FUN FACTOR: Have contests for subscribers. People love to win stuff. Be creative and keep your newsletter fun, informative, and easy to read. Ask your advertisers if they would sponsor a contest. You both win. They get free advertising and you get a great prize for your contest. This is another way to generate those “word of mouth” subscribers.

SWAP LINKS: Trade links with other relevant newsletters. Try to find newsletters that have the same type of readers, but are different enough topic wise for them to want to read both. Plus, it’s a great way for WAHM’s to support one another!

DIRECTORIES: There are MANY directories out there, including newsletter and ezine directories. Do a search. Ask around. The point is, get your newsletter listed in as many as you can.

I’m sure that you will see a steady increase in your newsletter subscribers if you put these tips into practice!

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