WAHM Fridays – Do I Really Need a Business Plan?

Many WAHM’s who start a home business never take the time to write out a business plan.  That is a big mistake. A good business plan can greatly increase your chances of success.

Why Every Business Needs a Business Plan

A business plan maps out your future.  If you have decided you are ready to start a business, your first step should be to write out your plans for what you want to do with the business and where you see the business going in the future.

You have probably heard the old saying, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” That is very true when it comes to your business.  The more planning you do in the beginning, the greater success you will see in the future.

If you decide to take your home business to the next level, a business plan can help you secure financing.  A financial institution will want to see, in writing, the reasons that they should loan you money.  Simply walking in and telling them why you know you’ll be a success isn’t good enough.

However, if you can hand your lender a document that states your business idea, your business goals, a list of steps you plan to take in order to reach your goals, as well as your estimated earnings, you will be seen as a professional and the lender will take you more seriously.

Your business plan will also help you determine your action plan.  Your action plan consists of the steps you plan on taking in order to achieve your goals.  This is another task that people usually sidestep.  Instead of “just kind of knowing” or “having the ideas in your head”, you should take the time to put them on paper.

The reason this part of the business plan is so important is that it literally walks you from point A to point B.  While your business plan, in general, serves a map, your action plan is the “turn-by-turn directions.”

Having a business plan to present to your husband can also help your husband realize your business idea is more than just a passing amusement.  This can really help you, especially if your husband is skeptical.  Your husband can see that you are serious and will become more helpful and more encouraging.  Having the support of your husband can really motivate you and help you find success in your home business.

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