What Does Living in Balance Mean Anyway?

Balance. Hmmmm. Seesaws, tightrope walkers, the scales of justice, and, not long ago, Olympics gymnasts on the spooky balance beam. Imagine walking a balance beam — perhaps you’ve done it sometime in your life. It’s hard enough just to put one foot in front of the other and not fall off right away, but somehow these lithe female gymnasts have acquired such skills of balance that they can jump and flip and tumble and, most of the time, land with their feet squarely on the beam.

Luckily, most of us are not tested in front of millions of people as we tumble across a wooden beam only inches wide, but we certainly do have our own challenge of maintaining balance as we walk our path in life.

To me there is nothing more important than living in balance. This means that all parts of life — work, family, spirit, play, chores, self-care, etc., are in harmony. to provide for our needs and support the way of living that is the best for each of us. In typical American culture most folks would say that work and chores dominate their lives, and for most people that would not be the choice of how they would choose to live. I hear so many people say, “There’s just not enough time.” The frustrated cry of an unbalanced life.

How do you know if your life is balanced? If you’d like to find out, take the short exercise labeled ‘Balance Test’ at my website – noted at the bottom of the page, and then come back.

When we live in balance we open up a whole room full of opportunities that were just not available to us before. Let’s start with joy and happiness — sounds good, right? How about health, better relationships, increased income and newfound interests. Maybe more friends, stronger connection with Spirit, a sense of well-being with yourself, and the ability to fulfill dreams. Who would not want to live life engaged in this fashion?

You probably can’t be a gold medal gymnast and let’s hope beyond hope that you never have to perform on a balance beam, but if you think there’s a better way to live your life, you re probably right.

If you did the exercise above, take it one step further.

* Decide which area of your life you want to have take up more or less of your time. Less time for chores, more time for self care, perhaps? For example: I want more time for myself.

* Now, write down 3-10 solutions or actions.

  1. Find a regular babysitter
  2. Make it a rule to leave work by 5pm
  3. Write “time for me” in my daily schedule
  4. Agree with my partner specifically what time in the week is for me

You get the idea. When you make the list, make every attempt not to let your cynical little saboteur tell you, “That won’t work”.

You are the brilliant expert at your own life.

Now pick the ones from this list that pop out at you and put them into action. Then sit back and see what kinds of changes happen. Joy anyone?!

© 2004 Catherine A. Bruns.

About the Author: Life Coach Catherine Bruns coaches women to achieve great success in their personal and professional lives. For more information visit https://www.coachbalance.com

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