Alexa and Your Website

If you have a website, it’s Alexa ranking is important if you want paid advertisers. Even though it is NOT the all knowing factor on the web as far as traffic. Many people use it and believe that is is all knowing. Because of this, Alexa cannot be ignored if you want to have paid advertisers. Alexa ranking is also important for a lot of paid to post positions. So, like it or not, improving Alexa ranking is a must.

I have been doing an interesting experiment over at Home Business Resource Directory. It is called The Alexa Experiment.” It’s purpose is to find out what impact Alexa has on real traffic and if we can improve our ranking with them. The experiment is also looking into what helps with ranking and what does not.

So far, it has been a positive experience. I have noticed a huge drop in my Alexa traffic points and an increase in my daily traffic. I am no where near where I want to be…yet. However, there has been a steady drop and that is a good thing in the Alexa world.

I encourage you to follow along with the experiment and see what happens. If it all works out then we have proven Alexa works and how to make our Alexa traffic rankings better. If it does not work, it is still a positive, because we have proven that all the hype about Alexa is just that…hype.

Feel free to share any tips you have to improve Alexa Ranking with your fellow Moms of Faith website owners below!

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