Bedtime Stories – Movie Review

Bedtime Stories - Christian Movie ReviewMovie Title: Bedtime Stories
Rating: PG
Director: Adam Shankman
Staring: Adam Sandler; Courteney Cox; Keri Russell; Russell Brand; Richard Griffiths; Guy Pearce and Lucy Lawless
Category: Comedy

Moms of Faith Rating: 6 out of 10

Intro: A fairly decent comedy starring one of my least favorite actors, Adam Sandler.

Review: I would like to just ponder for a moment…what is it with Walt Disney pictures and the lack to complete and healthy families?? Yet another film with a single parent. Sure, there are MANY single parents out there and I am not trying to put them down. It’s just man, can we have some happily married couples? It’s alarming how few there are in Disney films…

OK, rant off…LOL…back to Bedtime Stories

This was a comedy that stayed cleaner than I expected. One of the reasons I am not fond of Adam is he likes to star in comedies that have crude humor. I believe we can make funny films that do not make use of crudeness.

It is certainly NOT crude free. However, a lot less crude than what I would normally expect. LOL!

Conclusion: There may have been less crude humor, but there was no lack of poor character building. There were quite a few bad lessons in the movie. Children take these movies seriously. They learn that lying, cheating, and adult encouraging a 6 year old boy to kiss girls, (as well as many other not very good “lessons” can be found in this film) are funny and “light.”

My little one was repeating some stuff I did not like…we had to have a pow wow….or as my teenager likes to call it, a “lecture.” Guess what though? My teenager actually appreciates my lectures! WOW! Go figure!

It is definitely a film that will require a nice chat with your younger children when it is over. Keep in mind, as Christian Mothers, we need to make sure we are aware that it is never “just a movie.” What we see and hear affects us more than we realize or care to admit. As Mothers, we have the responsibility to train our children up and teach them what is right and what is not.

Faith Comes by Hearing

It was OK. However, I do not think I will buy this film so that my girls can watch it over and over.

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