Bride Wars – Movie Review

Movie Title: Bride Wars
Rating: PG
Director: Gary Winick
Staring: Kate Hudson, Anne Hathaway, Chris Pratt, Steve Howey, Candice Bergen and Kristen Johnston
Category: Comedy

Moms of Faith Rating: 8 out of 10

Intro: Bride Wars is a humorous film about two best friends who turn on each other once they realize they are set to have their weddings on the same day.

Review: I took my teenage daughter to see this film. Bride Wars is most definitely a chick flick. LOL. My husband was happy to miss it. Yes, it may be chicky, but it is also very funny. We laughed a lot and enjoyed most of the movie.

Key word word being “most.” There are a few negatives that I had to address. We had our “lecture” time, after the film, of course. LOL. A few of the negatives were; scantily clad women throughout the film…a serious topic for boys. There was a bachelorette party held at a male strip club and the men stripped down to tiny little man panties. It was actually quite funny watching my teenage daughter look at the screen in horror. We had a nice chat about that as well. ;)

Unfortunately, both couples were living and sleeping together unmarried. That is always a tough one as a Mother. You try to teach your kids what is the right way to do things and everywhere you look is a contradiction to what you are trying to instill.

Language was not great. It did not get too horrid though. Several ill mannered words and conversations were unnecessary. However, they were there and if you watch it with your kids, you will decide what needs to be discussed.

Conclusion: Overall, Bride Wars was a funny film and they came to their senses by the end of the film. However, as always, there are nice topics for you to discuss with your kids.

It is a great opportunity to have important bonding conversations after you watch a movie. When we watch movies that require “talking” afterward…I actually enjoy the nice conversations I have with my daughters MORE than I did watching the film!

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