Tuesday’s Mommy Tip – Pimples be Gone!

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OK, on to this week’s Mommy tip

Pimples be Gone!

This beauty tip is for Moms and those raising teenagers. Pimples are no fun for anyone. Obviously washing your face is a sure fire way of preventing unwanted pimples. LOL! However, no matter how often you wash, and how great your skin is, if you are human, you will most likely suffer from a pimple at some point in your life!

Good News! I have discovered a few ways that get rid of them quickly….

Citrus. Cut a lemon or lime in half and sub it on affected area before bed. This dries it up pretty quick. You should notice improvement when you wake up.

Preparation H. Yep. Hard to believe, huh? A little dab will do ya. Just a little and the pimple will begin to disappear within a day.

Moisturize. This is more of  a prevention. Wash your face and then moisturize it with a good quality moisturizer that fits your skin type. Believe it or not moisturizing helps keep the pimples away. My teenager does this and has minimal pimple outbreaks.

I hope these tips help you eliminate those unwanted pimples! If you have any other tips for keeping them away or getting rid of them quickly, post below!

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