Tuesday’s Mommy Tip – Teach them Organization Young

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OK, on to this week’s Mommy tip

Teach them Organization Young

As a self proclaimed wannabe neat freak, the messies are unfortunately a very real struggle in my life. I never had to clean up after myself as a child. Now, I really struggle in this area. It may sound silly, however, it is the one area I seek balance in regularly! If we teach our children young to be organized it will remain with them. The Word tells us to train a child in the way they should go and they will not depart from it. Well, this goes for more than teaching them about our Beloved Saviour. It is also for something as practical as organization!

Quick Tips for Teaching Children to Keep the Messies at Bay!

  • Make it fun.
  • Be consistent.
  • Praise them even when they only do a little.
  • Make an effort to keep it a part of their daily lives.
  • Do not let them go to bed until they have picked up that days mess.
  • Implement a one toy at a time rule. Put the first one away before they get another.
  • Make them help clean up before leaving a friends house.
  • Reward them for effort and consistency.
  • Walk it out before them.

These are very simple things we can do to help our children to learn order and balance. God will bless you for your effort!

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