Weeds Never Take a Vacation

So far this spring and summer, I have not picked weeds from the garden or fertilized my grass. I made a feeble attempt to plant grass seed by throwing it on the ground and hoping it takes root. I’ve just been too busy. I have a baby and three other children to tend to, I am sure you understand. After caring for them and making sure my husband has clean laundry and dinner on the table, I am tired. When I finally do get a minute I decide it’s “me” time and I pick up a book, do a scrapbook page, take a bath, check Facebook or sit and watch TV. I deserve that much, don’t I? After all, it is summer and I worked hard all year homeschooling my kids. School teachers get summer breaks and I know I am in need of a vacation. So, there’s my justification and I’m sticking to it! Uh…Right?

Today I walked in my backyard and saw what only slightly resembled a garden. As I made my way back to the garden I stepped on patches of bare lawn with grass seed only sprinkled on top. I was sad to see promising baby tomato and pepper plants stunted in growth and dry surrounded by weeds almost as tall as the plants. How did this happen? I only just planted this garden! I mean it was only…..only…well…I suppose it had been two months since I last laid eyes on it. I hung my head in shame and walked back to the house with the sound of dry grass crinkling beneath my feet. The thought struck me, “when did I last water this lawn?”

As moms we all get busy and we all need a bit of time for ourselves. Is there a mom out there that cannot understand the exhaustion that hits you like a wave at the end of the day? After seeing my garden, I realized that my heart is a spiritual garden and I wondered if that too was a testament to neglect, selfishness and given over to flesh. Our spiritual garden is also in need of daily tending and weed picking. Weeds start out so small hardly noticeable until one day they take deep root and over take the garden. Weeds can choke a fruitful plant and cause it to only produce withered useless leaves. Seeds that fall on dry unfertilized soil never grow but stay on the surface. It gives the appearance that an attempt is being made and lies to us and tells us that was enough.

We cannot allow the world to interrupt the daily weed picking in our hearts. We must remain vigilant because weeds never go on vacation but find the strength to flourish while our hearts are on vacation. This summer do not forget to water and tend to your spiritual garden amidst the demands of the world and your desire to enjoy “me” time. Yes, have some “me” time on me! However, let’s not forget to spend time with our Father God, or His Word so the weeds do not overtake our thoughts and hearts.

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  1. Debbie on July 17, 2009 at 2:46 pm

    Oh yes. This is so right on. Having both a garden and a heart that is often left untended, I can really relate to this!

    I have to weed my garden almost daily – but every day I return there seem to be just as many weeds, if not more. It requires daily tending – not haphazard.

    Just like my heart! Thank you!

  2. Faith_Mom on July 17, 2009 at 8:35 pm

    Richele has a wonderful way of making a point, doesn’t she? :)

  3. Heather @ CSAHM on July 23, 2009 at 2:37 pm

    So very true! This all hits home to me, my yard is one of the last things I tend to so I know all too well how fast it can get out of control. But I also know that a little bit of tending can certainly go a long way. I try and remember that when it comes to my spiritual walk too. Even just 30 minutes reading the Bible everyday can certainly go a long way in my spiritual walk. :)

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