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Product Name: Ped Egg
Rating: 10
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Description: A nifty little beauty product to help fight calloused rough feet!

Review: Ever since we have lived in our current residence, I have had issues with calloused feet. We went from carpet to tile. It has been very hard on my feet over the years and I have tried everything you can imagine to fix the problem.

One product that helped with the roughness was Kerasal. Unfortunately, that alone did not fix my calloused foot problem. It only softened them. I had tried several foot scrubs and tools for removing the crud that makes calloused feet look so bad. Some did OK and others just…well…stunk for lack of a better word.

Then, I found Ped Egg. Personally, I balk at “As Seen On TV” products. My experience with them has been negative to say the least. I have gotten to a point where I avoid them at all costs. However, my husband convinced me to at least try Ped Egg, and the price was right, so I caved.

I am very happy with my decision to give Ped Egg a try. It is a wonderful little product. Very easy to use and even easier to clean!

I simply open the egg up, and scrub a dub dub my heels with the metal grater (not too hard though…no need). Once finished, I open the grater and inside is all the yucky gook that I just scraped off my feet! It is quite gross, but cool too, cause I just rinse it off, replace the top, and it is all clean for next time! Once the egg is back together, the bottom of it is a little smoothing stone. I use that to smooth the areas I just grated. Rinse the bottom, and put back on shower rack. Done. Simply fabulous.

Ped Egg is a very cool beauty product. It works better than any others like it that I have tried. Use it with the Kerasal and you will have heels envied by the masses! Better yet, NO expensive pedicures to get them! Whoo Hoo! Another plus for Mr. Ped Egg! I love it and highly recommend it to all my Moms of Faith readers!!!

Criticism: None! I mean even the price is right! :)

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  1. Debbie on August 23, 2009 at 8:04 am

    I so appreciate this review. I’ve got the same opinion of “as seen on TV” products – and have held off buying this product. I too have calloused feet – I tend to run around barefoot as often as possible – and have some pretty rough heels that nothing ever really takes care. Thanks for this great recommendation!

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