Teaching Your Children the Power of Prayer

Prayer is a powerful force in a Christian’s life. Prayer enables us to have an intimate relationship with the Lord. The most significant relationship that we will ever develop is with the Lord and as Christian parents we should pass on this treasured gift to our children. Of course it is important for our children to know that they can always come to us with any issue they may be facing, but what is even more important is that they know without doubt to turn to God with all their burdens. Teaching our children to develop a relationship with God is the absolute best gift we can pass on to them. As a parent you can encourage and foster this relationship by being an example to them.

Here are a few ideas on how to make prayer a daily part of their life.

Never Too Young to Pray
When I had my daughter, I would pray aloud even when she was a baby. When she became a little older I taught her a children’s prayer. She is now 3 ½ years old and says her prayer before meals and before bed on her own accord. Prayer is for all ages and teaching your children to pray at a young age is a wonderful start for their own development as a follower of Christ. Start by saying prayers before every meal, before bed, and thanking God for the new day. Soon prayer will become part of their daily routine.

Family Prayer Time
A family that prays together stays together. Prayer should be a part of your family’s everyday routine. Having family prayer time develops a strong bond between the Lord and your family. Dinner time doesn’t have to be the only time you pray together. Set aside time during the week to pray together as a family. If you have a prayer list from church, gather as a family and pray for those who are ill or in need of prayer. This is a wonderful way to teach your child how to become a prayer warrior and the power of prayer. Also let your children hear you praying for them, if they see your faith in prayer it will encourage them on their own prayer journey.

If your family is facing a hardship or is in conflict, gather together and pray for the Lord to give your family guidance, strength, and wisdom. Children will learn through example to rely on the Lord for everything. When they become adults and have their own families they will remember to turn to God to give their family strength when they face tribulations.

Pray Without Ceasing
In this world the influences that our children face are downright frightening. Teach your children to pray in all circumstances. If they are facing peer pressure teach them to turn to God and ask for guidance. Kids need to know that God is always there for them and protecting them. Teaching them to turn to God for wisdom will enable them to make good decisions. Every day before my daughter goes to preschool we say a prayer asking the Lord to protect her and keep her on the right path. My hope is that when she is older that she will continue to pray even when I am not around and develops her own relationship with God.

God Answers Prayers
As Christians we know that our prayers our heard by God. We know that God answers prayers. We also know that sometimes what we pray for we are not granted because it is not God’s will. Children may have a hard time understanding that, and in the worst case scenario if a prayer is not answered they may lose faith in the power of prayer. Therefore, it is important for your child to understand that they must have an attitude of obedience and faith toward the Lord. Explain to them that prayers are answered according to our Father’s will. God knows what is best for us and our desires and wants may not be his best. They have to have faith that God will work in their lives.

Prayer is our open line of communicate with God. Teach your children to develop an unshakable relationship with God through prayer. Help them build their spiritual foundation early on in life so they can follow on the path of Jesus. Be an example to them by turning to the Lord in any circumstance, whether good or bad. Through our behavior we send messages to our children, make sure that your behavior condones prayer, obedience, and faith. Pray with them and for them always having faith that God will give you wisdom and discernment. Children need God in their lives at all ages. When they learn to pray and to hand everything over to God you are preparing them for the battle of the world and of the flesh. Protect them by teaching them the power of prayer.

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  1. Angelita on September 2, 2009 at 12:11 am

    Hello, that was a good guide in teaching our children to pray. Prayer is always a powerful tool in this life, it doesn’t only develop our personal intimate relation with God but also, if we pray together with our families, it creates a great bond with each other. Family that prays together, stays together.

  2. JNET on November 14, 2010 at 5:05 pm

    Thanks for a wonderful read. I grew up praying as soon as my mom could teach my brothers and I how to hold our palms together. I see my brothers now teach their small children how to pray. Praying as a family makes meal times celebratory and full of gratitude and the habit of inviting God to every moment makes for a life of unceasing prayer…. as well as thankfulness.

    Prayers illuminate joy in happy times as well as hope in darker times.


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