Tuesday’s Mommy Tip: Clean Lines

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OK, on to this week’s Mommy tip

Clean Lines

I have been doing a lot of cleaning and rearranging over the past few weeks to prepare for the new homeschool year, and get some much needed deep cleaning done. As I have been doing all of this, I am also redesigning the way everything looks, and I have discovered that clean lines look best and give the appearance of neatness and organization. One example of “clean lines,” is how you align books on your book shelf.

Instead of pushing them back, or trying to line them up from the biggest to the smallest and have this tiny little section at the bottom, follow these two steps…

1. Arrange Books by Categories. Put all your reference books in one section in size order. Then, maybe your readers or literature section next to that, again in size order. How you order them is your business. Obviously if you do not homeschool, you will have different categories!

The books will fluctuate up and down since they are set up by category, however, they are in order of subject, which will make it easier to find.

2. Pull them up to the edge. All your books should be lined up to the edge of the shelf for a clean and organized look. It will also save you on dusting!

I hope this helps you get ready for the new school year, homeschool Moms…It is also a great tip for anyone with books! LOL!

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