Tuesday’s Mommy Tip – Time is Everything

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OK, on to this week’s Mommy tip

Time is Everything

They say timing is everything for many things. However, I say TIME is everything for kids…YOUR time. They crave nothing more than to spend time with us. Life can get busy and excuses many. However, we only have a little bit of time here on earth and even less with our kids. We need to make time while we still can!

Tips to Make Time for our Children

  • Let them help you cook dinner. No matter how old your little one, if they can walk and talk, they can do something to help you in the kitchen…and if they are too little, pull the high chair in the kitchen and talk to them while you cook. My teenager does a LOT in the kitchen with me and my little one is doing more and more every day!
  • Stop the busyness. When you get to the end of your days, you will not think about how much money you made, how many twitter friends you had, or what your house needs done next. You will think about the times you spent with your loved ones…especially your hubbie and kids. Make time NOW.
  • Include them in as much as possible. Get your kids involved. Allow them to be apart of whatever you are doing. You will be surprised at the insights and delight that they can be.

Bottom line…our children are a blessing from the Lord. Let’s enjoy them and cherish them every day! TIME is everything!

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