Faith and Business 101: Ask For Help

God never intended us to do things on our own. However, many of us try to be Super-Mom and we have a hard time asking for help when things aren’t going as planned. Honestly, I love the idea of waking up to a freshly brewed pot of coffee and a clean house, spending time with the Lord as my toddler watches Sesame Street or VeggieTales. I like the thought of having my son on a regular schedule including structured playtime, and an age-appropriate learning session with mom, a walk to the park followed by a few hours of nap time and self play while I check off my giant to-do list. Supper is baking in the crock-pot and my husband returns from work just as I power down my laptop and set the table. A girl can dream, right? I might be able to accomplish that a couple of times a week, but definitely not every day. And definitely not THIS day! Today…I needed some help and I knew it. I had way too much to do and on top of that, I wasn’t feeling very well. There is nothing wrong with asking for help when you truly need it. I called a trusted friend and worked out a solution. Can’t think of someone that you could call when you need help?

Talk to the Lord about this! James 4:2 says “You do not have, because you do not ask God.” God knows your every need before you ever have it, but He wants for you to come to Him about all things: your praise and thanks, your joys and sorrows, your troubles and your needs!

Here’s your Faith and Business 101 assignment for this week: Analyze your business and your home life and figure out where you could truly use some help. Know your limits! How do you find out what your limits are? Well, for me, its usually when I wind up losing patience with my husband and my toddler pretty quickly. When that happens, I know I need to slow down and spend more with my family and less time on my business. Sometimes this isn’t always easy when I have deadlines looming. So before I “fly off the handle” unnecessarily, I take a break. I ask the Lord to help me re-focus and I try to figure out a solution that works for my family.

Recently, I read somewhere that God gives us all the same amount of time each day: 24 hours. None of us need more or less than 24 hours to get everything done that God intended for us. If you’re feeling like there is never enough hours in the day, then you need to pare things down, ask for help where you need it, and honor the Lord with your time.

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