Helping Children Stay on the Narrow Path

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Christians know the importance of staying on the narrow path. A path that is not always easy, but the path that is most pleasing to God, the one of obedience that has absolutely nothing do with the world but everything to do with being a follower of Christ. As a Christian Mom most of us try our best to instill values, moral, and Christian character in our children. However, we are in a battle against the negative ungodly influences that our children are exposed to despite our intentions to protect them. The battle rages in the schools, the media, on the playground, and in society in general. Christian Moms are soldiers for their children, providing them with the spiritual knowledge they need to stay on the narrow path that God intended for us.

Every day children are faced with peer pressure. They are tempted to follow someone they perceive as a leader. Maybe it is the coolest kid in school, or a movie star, or a group. If they are a bad influence children can easily get dragged down a wrong path that has disastrous consequences. Teaching your child at a young age that the only true leader is God helps them to keep their perceptions of the “cool kid” in perspective. Teaching your child that God wants us to stay on the narrow path not the path that everyone else takes requires us to look at him as a leader and be only a follower of his. Whenever, a teachable moment comes up take advantage of it. If your catch your child not giving into peer pressure, let them know that you are proud of them and how much it pleases God.

Spiritual knowledge is powerful. The Scriptures in the Bible are our blueprint on how to live our lives. Carving out family time to study and discuss scriptures is integral to the spiritual growth of our children. Nearly every night I read the bible with my three year old daughter. It amazes me of how well she knows certain bible stories and understands the lesson in the story. Her favorite is David and Goliath. One day we are at the park, it was getting dark and I said we should leave, she said to me, “don’t worry mommy, God is on our side.” Wow! At age three she remembered through that story that God would protect us. Children absorb at a very young age what we feed them. We have to feed them spiritual knowledge that armors them for the battle they will surely face.

Children who have no boundaries become adults who have no boundaries, which will lead them down any path that is open to them. Kids need to comprehend that every choice leads to an outcome. There are consequences for every action which may be good or bad. Consequences for unacceptable behavior are absolutely necessary if our children are to follow the narrow path. Children need to know there are consequences when they are not obedient, not only from their parents but also from the Lord. When children are aware that unacceptable actions are overlooked, they will continue to do them. It may start as something small, but eventually if not addressed their behavior becomes more serious leading to the possibility of disastrous outcomes. Discipline through love shows our obedience to the Lord, by training our child to be his follower. Explanation and communication should always follow discipline, without them discipline is rarely effective.

Christians need to constantly examine whether they are following the path of the world or of the Lord. We are our children’s first example of obedience to the Lord. Allow them to observe you on your walk with Christ. Let them see you both succeeding and failing, because when we fail it is a teachable moment for them and to ourselves. Communicate that the narrow path is not for the faint hearted, not for the conformer, but for the obedient followers whose lives are dedicated to Christ. Educate them about the rewards of following through the straight gate and the consequences of falling prey to the ways of the world.

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