Nourshing Your Temple In The Comfort Of Your Home

Mothers have a tendency of putting everything and everyone before them. Our plates are filled with careers, household and financial responsibilities, taking care of our children, running errands, being involved in church, the list is never ending. We remarkably fit it all in, unfortunately we often do it at the cost of neglecting our own needs. God blessed us with a temple that needs nourishing. When we neglect our temple it eventually begins to fall apart.

Moms were given the wonderful gift of being a nurturer and most of us wouldn’t trade that trait for anything. However, why not give yourself the same gift you give others and take the time to nurture yourselves. There are a number of ways to relax in your own home that can provide the rest and rejuvenation you so desperately need. Taking care of our temple requires us to feed ourselves physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Ways to nourish your temple in the comfort of your own home

Nurturing the Body

I have always enjoyed a retreat to the spa and believe the money spent is well worth it, however with everyone tightening their belts and trying to save money, spas just aren’t affordable for many moms. If you can’t go to the spa then bring the spa home to you!

Choose a day when you can spare a few hours and have some alone time. Create a spa like environment in your own bathroom. Start by making sure the bathroom is clean and clear of clutter like toys or wet towels. Light soothing candles, play music you find relaxing, grab some reading material, fill the tub, add some bath salts, and soak your troubles away. Afterward wrap yourself in a comfy robe take a nap, watch your favorite television program, or drink some tea and relish in your, “me time”.

Here are some suggestions for your spa day:

  • Facial masks are an inexpensive way to make you feel refreshed and have clean skin. Look for homemade recipes with ingredients from your kitchen. Try an avocado mask they are extremely hydrating.
  • Find a moisturizer that hydrates your skin especially since colder weather is on the rise. Oils are great for dry skin.
  • Give yourself a pedicure. Purchase an inexpensive foot spa, or soak your feet in a basin with Epson salt.
  • Exfoliate your skin with this homemade tip. Mix 1 cup of brown sugar, 1 cup of oatmeal, and 1 cup of olive oil, then rub it in circular motions on your body. For soft skin cut a piece of lemon and rub your elbows and knees to soften your skin.

Another way to nurture your temple is through eating and exercise. I mentioned in a previous article the benefits of creating your own home gym. Exercise gives you the energy you need to be the nurturer you are. Don’t forget to squeeze in exercise at least three times a week.

Food is our energy source. Whatever, we put in our body is what we will get out of it. Make your kitchen a place that is conducive to nurturing your temple. Instead of high sugary snacks stack your cabinets and fridge with fruits, almonds, and healthy snacks. Buy a cookbook with healthy recipes, gather the kids and make some nourishing meals together.

Staying Mentally Healthy

If you are always running around putting fires out it can become exhausting. Your mind needs a break from your hectic schedule. When we are mentally drained it manifests itself in a number of ways. Keeping your mind healthy is of the utmost importance for yourself and your family. Most of us wouldn’t mind hoping on a plan and taking a trip to the Bahamas, but again we are in a recession.

So find some peace right at home by trying these suggestions:

  • Take a few minutes to sit on your porch. Nothing clears your mind like fresh crisp air.
  • Have a space in your home that is created for you. I wrote about creating a prayer room in an earlier article. Having an extra room to go to when you need to get away from the bustle of the family is beneficial for everyone.
  • Naps aren’t only for your toddler. Take a 20 minute nap to clear your mind and keep exhaustion at bay.
  • Keep your mind alert is by doing crossword puzzles. Curl up in your favorite chair, pull out a crossword puzzle and put your brain to work. Take the time to read a good book that is inspiring and uplifting, watch your whole mood change.

Staying Spiritually Fit

Christians know that nurturing our spiritual life and strengthening our intimate relationship with the Lord is essential to our well being. Our family and home are our priorities, but always remember that our first priority is God. For the six days you aren’t in church don’t skimp on staying spiritually fit, keep the momentum going at home.

Try these tips:

  • Create your personal prayer space, and try to spend at least 15 minutes to half an hour praying and studying scripture daily.
  • Have a group of friends come over to your home once a week for bible study.
  • Keep a prayer journal.
  • Memorize a scripture for the day or week and take time to reflect upon it.

There are so many ways to nourish our temple in our own home. Stay fit physically, mentally and spiritually in the comfort of your own home. By taking care of yourself you are giving the best gift to your family, the gift of a healthy mother, wife, and woman that honors the temple that God gave her.

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  1. Elelta on November 5, 2009 at 4:11 pm

    I read the articles even though I am not yet a mom but really the advices given are just as applicable to any Christian woman such as myself. Thank you, Chere. I’m going to implement as many of your advices as possible because I know it is based on truth. God bless you!

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