Tuesdays Mommy Tip: Get Ready for the Holidays

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OK, on to this week’s Mommy tip

Get Ready for the Holidays

Well, ladies, it is that time of year again. Soon we will be celebrating Thanksgiving…then Christmas…and of course a whole new year. NOW is the time to prepare. Below are a few simple tips to help you get ready for the holiday season!


Clean out fridge and pantry. Make a note of that you have and do not have. Get rid of what you will not use and make space.

Menu. Decide what your menu will be.

Sales. Start looking for sales and buy the items you will need for Thanksgiving as soon as possible and as sales come.

Dollar Store. Find plates, table covers and other decorations at the dollar store. Be a good steward. It’s only one meal. I found some great stuff in the Target dollar section a month ago.


Buy now. Again, start looking for sales now. The dollar section in Target is great place to buy stocking stuffers. Take a few minutes each trip to see any potential gifts. It is also the perfect place for whiter elephant parties.

Clean the House. Get ready for your holiday decorations. Clean and be ready so you will not stress about messes when time comes.

Black Friday. Make arrangements to participate this year. AWESOME sales are to be found at this yearly event. Make a plan and then on Thanksgiving evening, look through the paper and decide where you will hit and what you will buy.

New Years.

See above ideas to help with this as well.

Go through your junk and get rid of what you do not need.

Pick your location. What party will you attend. Will you stay home? Decide now.

Waiting til the last minute will not only stress you out, you will not enjoy yourself as much! Be prepared! Planning ahead will make for less stress and better enjoyment of actual events and activities.

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