Up – Movie Review

Movie Title: Up
Rating: PG
Director: Pete Docter
Staring: Voices of Edward Asner, Jordan Nagai, Bob Peterson and Christopher Plummer
Category: Animation, Comedy, Family

Moms of Faith Rating: 9 out of 10

Intro: Up is a heart warming animated film about remembering that your dreams matter, forgiving yourself, the power of love and much more…

Review: I will admit, I prejudged this movie before I saw it. LOL. I thought for sure it would bore me to tears and basically stink. No real reason for my feelings…maybe just what I saw on posters and trailers. Who knows why….

Regardless of WHY, I now have to admit that I was WRONG! I actually liked this movie. It was simply adorable. There was a lot more depth that I would have expected as well. The film was actually quite inspiring. After watching Up, I now want to achieve some of my long lost dreams.

Carl, the main character, marries his childhood love who is a huge dreamer and adventurer at heart. Promises are made to fulfill a dream and life happens so the dream is forgotten. I do not want to give more details for fear of spoiling the film for you. So on with the “review” part. :)

NO sex.

No funky spiritual stuff.

Virtually no bad language other than; golly, gosh and darn.

On the negative side: Not too much really.

There is some “fighting” type violence and a bad guy who is not nice, however, nothing that would set off any alarm bells in my opinion.

Carl is a grump and acts grumpy. Who hasn’t LOL.

Um… he also lies to escape having to be put in a retirement home.

And, there is a scene with wine in it.

Conclusion: Up is a film that inspires you to do great things and still do the responsible thing. It has great lessons for young and old alike. I liked this film a whole lot and would recommend it to families. While there are some adventurous scenes and some action(ish) type violence, I still think it can be for the whole family. However, if you do have younger ones that are easily scared, maybe you will want to watch it first and see. For my youngest, who is five, it was fine. She loved it. Our whole family did from young to teen to me and hubbie!

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  1. Kim on October 21, 2009 at 11:43 pm

    Thank you for your thorough and lighthearted review. I made the same pre-judgment about “UP”, and thanks to your review I’m interested in seeing it.

    I appreciate that you’ve taken into consideration every possible thing, however minor, that may offend some viewers. Excellent consideration of your audience.

    Good job!

  2. Faith_Mom on October 24, 2009 at 2:38 pm

    THANK YOU for the kind words!Let me know what you think of the movie when you see it. :)

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