Thanksgiving Projects for Kids

This Thanksgiving, I believe that families are really counting their blessings and thanking God for what they have and looking less at what they don’t have. I have always loved Thanksgiving because of the simplicity of the holiday. It is great to take a day to celebrate being thankful for friends, family, our home, and just our lives in general. It is a great time of the year to give back and show others how much they are appreciated. I am a big advocate of teaching children to be grateful and appreciative of their blessings. Thanksgiving is a perfect time to engage in children in projects that remind them of all they have to be thankful for.

Thanksgiving Projects for Your Children

Write Cards of Appreciation- Have your children write a list of all the people in their life that they are thankful for, this can be siblings, teachers, family, friends, etc. Give them stationary blank note cards and have them write a short note expressing their gratitude and appreciation for this person. Then they can hand deliver them before the Thanksgiving vacation begins or during the holiday.

Volunteer at a Food Bank or Shelter- We are quickly reminded of our blessings when we are face to face with people who do not have shelter and food. Volunteering at a food bank or shelter is a great project for the whole family to participate in. Raid your closets for extra cans of food that you can spare and bring them to food banks, many of whom are practically begging for donations. Then spend an afternoon at a shelter serving food to the residents.

Visit a Nursing Home- Call a local nursing home for their volunteer and visitation policies. Take your children to spend time with the elderly at a nursing home who have no family visiting them. Unfortunately, our older people are so often overlooked and neglected. They truly are a blessing to younger people who can learn so much from them.

Organize a Small Fundraiser- There are a number of churches and shelters who need donations. Have your kids take inventory of their belongings and anything that no longer fits, have them pack it up and bring it to a shelter or church. Encourage them to get their friends involved and have mini fundraiser.

Participate in a Mini Marathon- During Thanksgiving there are a ton of mini marathons that kids can participate in to raise money for a local or national charity. Check in your area for dates and eligibility and enroll in a mini marathon for a good cause.

Bake Some Goodies- Kids love to bake, why not let them whip up a few batches of cookies and give them to teachers or some of the neighbors in the spirit of Thanksgiving. After baking the cookies they can wrap them in cellophane and tie them with a simple pretty ribbon to deliver them in.

There are a ton of Thanksgiving projects your kids can participate in. Get creative and encourage them to show their appreciation for the people in their lives. God wants us to have a servant’s heart and this is a great way to instill that characteristic in your children at an early age.

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