Tuesday’s Mommy Tip: Time Saver for Chicken Casserole Dishes

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OK, on to this week’s Mommy tip

Time Saver for Chicken Casserole Dishes

Our family eats a lot of chicken. Mostly because it is cheaper than beef, and healthier than other choices as well. I have learned to be very creative so that my family does not get sick of chicken. Sure, I make the normal fried chicken, baked, etc. However, casseroles are a great way to have many varieties of chicken dishes. So, I have incorporated many into our menus. We eat chicken broccoli cheese, chicken enchiladas, creamy chicken with buttery cracker toppings, all kinds of chicken casserole dishes.

I have found that buying an already made rotisserie chicken saves me  TON of time and in many cases one rotisserie will provide enough meat for two separate casseroles. It saves me the time it used to take to cook the chicken, plus it adds great flavor, and it is super moist. I just remove skin and shred the chicken. Bam! Chicken is ready to use for casseroles, salads and sandwiches.

Oh, and another time saver if you are a family of four or less is to split one casserole into two meals. Make once eat for two nights. Really, we eat too much as a society, anyway! So, server half with a salad and maybe one piece of garlic bread each. You save time, money and obesity!

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