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I recently assigned a wonderful book to my kids to read for homeschool. I was so excited to receive this book as a review copy from Bethany House Publishers, especially since it was already on my homeschool reading list. Hero Tales by Dave and Neta Jackson, the authors of Trailblazer Books, is part church history, part devotional, and part character study. This book can be used with various age groups and double as a family devotional. The book is geared for children aged six to twelve, however, with guidance you can engage a younger child. An older child could benefit by using this as an outline for further in depth study into one or more of the featured Christians in the book. However, the text would be too simple for a child above the age of 12 to read on his own. If you have have a vast array of age groups this book is best used as a family devotional.

Hero Tales, compiles the lives of Christian heroes from William Tyndale to Harriet Tubman to Dwight L. Moody. The stories are inspirational and teach valuable character traits which glorify God. Each hero is presented by a brief biography and followed by three true stories each focusing on a particular character trait. At the end of each true story there is a verse linking the trait Biblically and three study and discussion questions.

For example the book includes Martin Luther as one of the heroes featured. Martin Luther’s life is briefly outlined for background. Following the short biography, the child will focus on vision, courage and joy in each of the stories on Martin Luther.

These heroes will inspire and teach Godly character. Along the way, your child will begin to learn an overview of church history. You can read this book daily or you can take the time to focus on each hero or a character trait you want to instill in your child. I am using this book with my 11, 9, and 4 year old. I will be assigning my 11 year old to choose a person from the book to write a biography. My 9 year old will focus on writing a few short paragraphs on a character trait that he can begin to implement in his life. My 4 year old, will begin to memorize short verses on the character traits studied. As a family, we will use the questions to open up lines of communication and instill values.

I recommend this book to anyone who wants to bring church history, devotional time, and character study to their elementary aged children.

*Book provided by Bethany House Publishers.

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