Before Christmas Party Fun at Home

Some of our favorite memories are gathering with family and friends during the Christmas season. On Christmas day most people are spending time with their family and often unable to spend quality time with their friends. I remember as a child waking up at home on Christmas and then spending the day at my grandparent’s house, but rarely did we have the time to visit friends that day. Celebrating the holiday with friends is just as important as celebrating with family. This is usually a busy time of the year for most folks, but throwing a small pre-Christmas party doesn’t have to monopolize your time, it can be a simple fun way to create moments with those you love.

Ideas to have a gathering before Christmas day

Have a Potluck

I will always have mixed feelings on potluck, part of me feels like if you are going to throw a party then you throw the party. However, people like potlucks and seem to enjoy whipping up one of their specialty dishes and sharing it with others. I suggest the host cook the main dish and the guests bring sides. This is an easy way to have a full blown Christmas dinner that everyone can enjoy without you going crazy. Most likely your decorations are up so all you have to do is set the table and enjoy the meal!

Cookie Exchange

A fun theme for a pre-Christmas party is a cookie exchange. Invite your friends and their children over and bake cookies. Cookies are always a big hit and especially during Christmas. This is great bonding time for parents, kids, and friends. Cut down on costs by asking everyone to bring the ingredients they need to bake. By the end of the party you will have baked enough cookies to exchange among one another and have enough of your own for Christmas day.

Christmas Caroling

Christmas Carolers are not in full effect like they used to be, but that doesn’t mean you can’t participate in a little Christmas caroling! Invite some friends over, get their suggestions on their favorite Christmas tunes and make copies of the lyrics. Create a Christmas caroling party a few days before Christmas by handing out the copies and making hot chocolate, cookies, and eggnog for your guests. Gather together and sing the carols. If you are adventurous go out into your neighborhoods and belt out a few tunes.

Christmas Movie Night

Everyone loves a good Christmas movie. Host a Christmas movie night with friends at your home. Ask everyone to bring their favorite movie. You may want to have this party a little earlier in the day than the other parties. You can also make a list of well known Christmas movies and have everyone pick two or three that are their favorites and choose those to watch. Don’t forget to include the kids and give them choices. Pop some popcorn, make hot chocolate and enjoy the movie! Split the time so that there is some adult time and kid time to make everyone happy.

Christmas Gift Exchange

Kids aren’t the only ones who like to receive gifts, adults do too. A gift exchange in these economic times may not seem feasible. Why not get back to basics? Presents do not have to cost money. Some suggestions are writing a few stories about times that were memorable between you and your friend, they will love it and it is a great way to reflect on cherished memories and why your friendship is so important. Make a CD of your friend’s favorite songs. Give them a homemade gift certificate, for example, “This certificate is good for a whole night of babysitting.”Create a photo album of all the great pictures you have together. These are the gifts that mean the most.

The Christmas season is for reflecting on the birth of Jesus and being thankful for the people in our lives which include family and friends. The season seems to rush by in a wink of an eye, but don’t let it escape without spending time with those you care about most. A pre-Christmas party doesn’t have to make you frazzled nor do you have to plan an extravagant party with caterers all you needs is a little bit of creativity and a whole lot of love. So call your friends and invite them over for some good old Christmas fun!

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