Tuesdays Mommy Tip: Consistency in Discipline

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OK, on to this week’s Mommy tip

Consistency in Discipline

Being consistent is a vital ingredient when teaching children to be disciplined and well rounded future adults. You cannot be wishy washy with the discipline of your children. Whether you are a spanker, time out or a combination of both styles of parenting, consistency is the most important factor…bar none.

If you tell a child no 15 times about the same thing…you are not being consistent.

If you tell a child this is your “last warning,” you are not being consistent.

A child should know immediately that they are doing wrong. If it is a first offense on a particular subject, sure a warning is good. However, once they know, discipline must follow the wrong action. Consistent discipline.


The rule is no running in the house.

Why is the rule in place? It can be unsafe and things can get broken. We need to explain whys to our children…not just because we said so. They are people and deserve to understand why they can or cannot do things.

Wrong Way to Handle Issue: Repeat warnings and child being told; “this is your last warning.” Sporadic discipline. Sometimes the child gets in trouble but mostly just yelled at. This teaches the child nothing. All they really learn is they have a better shot of getting away with the rule breaking than suffering any consequences for it.

Correct Way: One warning and explanation as to why rule is in place. After initial warning, consistent discipline when rule is broken…the first time. If time out is your method, they must be consistently placed IN time out EVERY time they break the rule. In time, they will learn they do not like the consequence of the action and move on to challenge you in some other area!  LOL

This concept is for young and old. Teenagers need more creativity in the discipline. However, taking away cell phones and electronics motivates them to obey. However, if you build a solid foundation of consistent discipline, when teendom comes, you will have less issues…at least I did!

Be Consistent…NO matter what!

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  1. Ashley Charles on September 2, 2014 at 7:56 pm

    GREAT info! Though I strive realllllly hard to be consistent, this gave me a helpful reminder, as I fall victim to the repetitive warnings, mostly out of selfishness because I am not wanting to break away from my project/chore/work etc. Consistency is THE way to go.

  2. Mary P. on November 20, 2014 at 10:45 pm

    Nice post! I’ve been wondering what I’m doing wrong. Maybe is consistency! I get so tired and then I dont say a word! I gotta work on that. I avoid saying the “no no” words sooooo many times! I prefer to explain to my daughter whats wrong and whats right.
    I enjoyed reading this post!

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