Tuesdays Mommy Tip: Gifts Under the Tree Should NOT Be the Focus

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OK, on to this week’s Mommy tip

Gifts Under the Tree Should NOT Be the Focus

Unfortunately, this time of year has turned into an over commercialized bunch of ridiculousness. Christmas is about celebrating the birth of a Savior that came to save the world from hell. THAT is the reality of Christmas! Not Santa. Not presents. Not parties. Not a new iPhone. Not stuff.

Sad Fact:

Did you know that it would cost LESS money to provide clean drinking water to every person on the planet then what the United States alone spends on Christmas??? Yeah, pretty darn sick, huh?

I seriously doubt that Jesus, who came here and lived a common life as a carpenter’s son, would want this kind of mess happening on His birthday…think about His reaction to the selling, lot casting and other bologna that was going on in His Fathers house…hmmm…He was ticked enough to toss some stone tables around. (Read it for yourself…it’s in the New Testament)

Maybe…just maybe, we should focus on WHO we are celebrating instead of what we are getting or even giving our kids. We need to teach them what this “holiday” is really about. Love. The Love of CHRIST! It is our JOB to train them up to be followers of Christ and to learn how to give and receive His love…NOT to shop til they drop!

A few things to consider…

  • Cut back drastically on gift giving…unless it is to the needy.
  • Volunteer.
  • Make Jesus the focus…not shopping and gifts.
  • DO what you think Jesus would do…I highly doubt it would be waiting in line at 2 in the morning to get a deal on a new dell…

Think about it…

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  1. Kim on December 15, 2009 at 8:12 pm

    We are planning a birthday party for Jesus after breakfast Christmas morning!

  2. Faith_Mom on December 15, 2009 at 8:26 pm

    What an awesome idea! Thank you for sharing. :) What do you do exactly?

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