Faith and Business 101: Facebook Fan Pages for Business

I hope you and your family enjoyed your family council meeting! We did, and every year I learn something new about my husband as our goals and dreams change.

This week I’d like to talk about Facebook Fan pages and how important they are for your business.

First of all, if you do not have a Facebook account you need to get one. I have been tracking Facebook for some time now, and more of my clients and sales come from Facebook than anywhere else. Twitter is a close second, but Facebook has been most successful for me.

We’ve talked about Facebook in the past, but very little about fan pages. Is a fan page better for business than a group? Yes. Groups should be for interactive discussions, and getting to know other people with common interests. Fan pages are where you should be promoting your business. Also: fan pages show up in Google searches! Groups do not!

A fan page can be your one stop shop for promoting your business! You can easily link your fan page to your twitter account so that you can post something on your fan page and it will automatically post to your twitter account! No need to do double duty. Here’s the link to do that:

Make sure your website links are visible on your fan page and try to make at least one fan page post a day. “But how do I get fans?” you ask. You have to promote your fan page. First, use the buttons on the top left hand side of you fan page to “suggest to friends.”

Then you’ll want to blog about your fan page and host giveways on your blog.

Here is an example:

Facebook recently changed the rules about fan pages. You are not allowed to host giveaways on your fan page anymore. If you violate this, you run the risk of having your account disabled without warning. However, you can host a giveaway on your blog or website and link to it from your fan page.

More Facebook Info:

I have received many questions asking about privacy and becoming friends with people you really don’t know.

Here’s what I’ve done:

My husband and I share a Facebook account where all of our family and out-of-town friends can see photos and videos of us and our son. We keep that account solely for personal use and the privacy settings are set on all of our pictures and videos so that only our family can see them. Then I have another account that is in my name only that I use for business and connecting with colleague friends. I don’t post too many photos or a lot of personal info about my family for safety reasons. I get many friend requests and even though I usually only friend other women and moms, I have a young family and I’m home alone most of the day…it’s just better safe than sorry. Having said all that, I think it’s much better and safer just to create a fan page!

Keep the fan page for business and your profile for personal use.

Do not forsake wisdom, and she will protect you; love her, and she will watch over you. Proverbs 4:6

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