New Year For Homeschool Moms to Find Balance

It is a new year and new opportunity for Homeschool Moms to find balance . These tips can help you.

Some families handle day-to-day life by creating detailed charts or schedules for each family member. They know what time breakfast is, how long to plan for each homeschool subject, what time they’ll eat lunch every day, how much free time they have, and when they’ll eat dinner.

Not everyone can live that way. Some of us like to live life by the seat of our pants. We don’t plan elaborate schedules but prefer to take life as it comes. Sometimes we may keep a calendar so they know about important appointments or events, but that’s as close as they get to a schedule. For us, living life one day at a time is about experiencing life as it happens rather than depending upon a piece of paper to dictate when they do things.

Does this mean that one method of balancing daily life is better than the other? Of course not! Part of the benefit of homeschooling is learning what works best for your own family. This may take time and some trial and error, but you will soon find yourself falling into a routine of sorts that is best for you.

Create an area in your home where you have access to good books and music. Having good resources around gives your child someplace to turn when they want to learn something. And the benefit is if they are interested on their own, they’re learning without realizing it. This method is often referred to as delight-driven or “unschooling.” It enables children to learn what interests them and allows Mom to be able to concentrate on taking care of the home rather than sitting with the child while they learn. Of course, even homeschooling moms know it’s important to be available when their child needs help, but they don’t feel obligated to remain right there with them.

Use real life events to help your child learn. If you’re cooking dinner, have your homeschooled child help you determine how much milk is needed if the recipe calls for one-third cup of something but you’re tripling the recipe. When you plan a trip to the grocery store, have your child write out the list of items needed. Then, while you’re walking through the store, have them help you determine which box potatoes is cheaper based on the cost and number of ounces are in the box. Both of these activities teach your child how math is important for daily life.

Get your children to help you with household duties. They can learn how to cook, sort clothing, do laundry, and stack dishes in a dishwasher. Not only will they be learning skills which will be helpful for their future, it will also make your job easier; you can also count the time they’re learning those skills as home economics – whether they’re boys or girls.

There are many things to can do to balance your daily life as a homeschool mom. Don’t feel like you have to do everything yourself. Let your husband work with your children on some of the subjects you feel uncomfortable teaching. Have your children help you with household duties. After some time you will be able to find what works best for your family so your life is more or less balanced.

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