Create A Home Office That Suits Your Needs

Home offices are becoming as common as family rooms. Many moms are opting to work at home instead of in the office. Although I travel into the office daily, I have the capability of working remotely. As a single mom whose parents live four hours away when my daughter is sick it is a blessing to have the accessibility to work at home while still being able to take care of my daughter. Telecommunicating is a way of life for many moms and dads. This week my daughter was struck with the flu and unfortunately the flu bug bit me too. At my previous job I would’ve been completely stressed about having to report off, although I would have regardless! My policy is daughter first. My new boss completely understood and encouraged me to stay home, get well, and take care of my daughter. Since I haven’t acquired a ton of sick time I worked from the comfort of my home while nursing myself and daughter back to health.

Home offices are essential for those of us who need to escape to a private space to work. Even if you aren’t employed creating a home office can be a sanctuary for you to write, spend some private time with God, or work on personal projects. If you have a little space it doesn’t take much to create a comfortable home office.

Cheap and easy tips to make a home office that suits your needs


A great desk is the centerpiece for any home office. The desk should be sturdy and have enough drawers to store paper, folders, office supplies, etc. Check out garage sales for antiques desks at cheap prices. If you spend much of the time in your office glued to your desk a comfortable chair that supports your posture and back is essential, so don’t skimp on the chair.

File Cabinets or book cases are great for storage. Look at Target or discount office stores for reasonably priced book cases or file cabinets. Overflowing book cases add character and coziness to any room.

A chaise adds a classy touch, but more than that sometimes you just need to relax on something other than a chair!

Organizing Tools

File folders, binders, and accordion folders are great for keeping those papers in order. Use them for your job and for your financial papers.

Use pretty pots or pottery as pencil and pen holders.

Busy moms need a calendar or planner to keep it all going. Get a calendar that either hangs on the wall or fits comfortably on your desk.

Decorative Touches

Work doesn’t have to be so serious! Liven up your office with a fun vibrant paint color for the walls.

Pillows, curtains, plants, and decorative throws are great touches that bring coziness into your work space.

Give the office character with pictures of your family and artwork. Gather all those pictures your kids draw for you, put them in frames, and let them see how proud you are of their masterpieces.

A home office can be as formal or as informal as you want it to be. Most importantly it should reflect your personality and your working style. Your office space should be welcoming and inspiring. I always find I work better when I have spiritual literature or quotes around that encourage me throughout the day. Incorporate small touches that bring a smile to your face or warmth to your heart. With more opportunities to work remotely a home office is a good investment whether you are a writer, a lawyer, or a stay at home mom that needs her privacy.

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  1. single moms on February 4, 2010 at 12:00 pm

    I think that it is a very good idea to have a home office. Especially for a single mom like you. I think it is a big advantage, you can spend so much more time with your children then you would if you worked out of the house.

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