Fellowship is Vital For All Ages

The previous winter storm had me confined to my home for a week, although I had a great time drinking hot chocolate and creating cozy memories with Anya, there was one thing that I dearly missed and that was fellowship with members of the church I attend. Fellowship is an integral part of a Christian’s life. Being able to praise, worship, and share your love of God with your brothers and sisters in Christ is inspiring and comforting. Some of my fondest childhood memories were attending church, especially on Wednesday night bible study, where the kids had their own area to read Bible stories and interact with one another. I got a strong sense of how special fellowship was when I witnessed the love, care, and friendship between members of the congregation. Fellowship isn’t only for adults it is for everyone including children. When you bring your children to church they have the opportunity to experience fellowship with the members of your church and with other children their age.

The reality is your children won’t always be surrounded by those who share the same values, morals, and beliefs. That is why fellowship at a young age is so important. When your children are in the world they are faced with worldly desires and temptations just as we are. The kids they go to school with may or may not have a spiritual background. Christian children can feel left out when they are in school or in peer situations because they are raised differently. This may be difficult for children especially teens who may feel excluded or like the odd ball out. Sunday school and youth groups are a wonderful avenue for youngsters to share their faith, honor God, and create meaningful relationships. They may be less likely to give into peer pressure and temptation when they have the support from friends who do share the same values.

In the Bible a recurring theme is how fellowship played a big role in the life of the disciples and believers of Christ. In chapter two of Acts, we’re told that all the Lord’s followers met together and shared everything they had. They met in the temple, broke bread together in different homes while sharing their food freely and supported one another. In Acts, chapter four when Peter and John returned from the Council, they went back to the people to pray together for courage. The Scriptures say that God greatly blessed his followers and no one went in need of anything. The impact of fellowship was spiritually powerful then and it is equally powerful now.

God gives us a gift when he gives us our clergy and our brothers and sisters. Instill in your children that they are given a gift when they develop relationships in Sunday school and in youth groups that can be long lasting and invaluable. Through fellowship we celebrate God and one another for being believers in Jesus Christ. When I was younger I recognized that church was a second home. It was a place where people felt safe and shared their love for their Savior, something that remained with me into adulthood.

Children who attend church have an awesome opportunity to have a support network and community that nurtures them. When they go to school and are faced with pressure, instead of looking and admiring the kids who are doing the wrong thing, they have access and are exposed to kids who are doing the right things and may even realize those are the really cool kids! It is vital that our children have a community of support, love, and guidance.

Foster the gift of fellowship by encouraging your children to:

  • Develop friendships that aren’t only nurtured on Sundays
  • Form bible studies
  • Organize social outings or if you have younger children be proactive in scheduling play dates
  • Invite friends from church over for dinner or special occasions
  • Create a peer support network where they can discuss issues they encounter in school

The disciples were blessed with the instruction of Christ and with being able to fellowship and share this knowledge with their fellow believers in Christ. They knew God wanted them to love one another and to be supportive of each other. They understood the power of prayer, praise, and true authentic friendship. In a world where temptation lurks around every corner, it is crucial for Christians of all ages to have fellowship with one another to share their love, strength, and faith in God.

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