Green Start to Your Day

What better way to begin your day than Green? You can start your day glorifying God by taking care of what He placed in your hands…His planet. How?

Simple. Forget about the norm when you wake up each morning. Try waking up a little early and having a warm natural bubble bath. Light some candles and spend some time praying and giving your day to God. Taking baths helps save water verses a long shower.

No time for a bath, you say?

There are other ways you can save water and make your mornings greener…

1. Shorter Showers. Take 5 minute shower and work quickly to get the job done. This will save a lot of water every year.

2. Married? Consider showering with your better half. Not only will you save water…you will heat up your marriage as well!

3. Turn off water when shaving, brushing teeth, hands, etc. Avoid letting it just run down the drain as much as possible.

4. Keep Up with any leaks. If you notice a leak, in the morning, have it fixed before the day ends. Stopping leaks is a simple way to conserve water.

5. Low-flow shower heads and efficient water heaters are also great options to help cut your water usage drastically.

6. Buy a permanent razor versus disposable razors.

7. If you wear makeup, consider Eco-friendly products.

8. Clothing. Consider switching to natural organic fibers. This will take time, so you do not break the bank…but remember, every little thing helps!

9. Morning Java. Try a cup of organic coffee to help rev up your engine in the morning. Or, if you are not a big coffee drinker, try some organic green tea.

10. Try using the same glass or cup when you get home. The less you dirty, the less there is to clean. The less water used.

11. Car Pool when you can. If you work far and MUST drive, try carpooling. The less cars on the road the better. Plus, with gas prices the way they are everyone involved will save some money!

12. Ride a bike. If work is not too far and riding a bike is an option for you.

13. Cancel your Newspaper Delivery. Try the Digital version. This will help save some trees. Plus, most online versions are free, so you will save a few bucks too!

14. Turn off the Lights. When you wake up in the morning, open the blinds. Use as much natural light as you can.

15. Most important -> Pray on your way to work. Instead of listing to your radio while you drive, spend time praising and talking to God. Radios use your engine and more energy. Plus, He sure would love to hear form you!

These are just a few ideas to help you start your day green. If we all do a little it really will be a huge help to God’s planet.

Stay Green!

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