Get Prepared and Spend Quality Time With Your Family

Once upon a time four years ago pre mommy-hood I had more hours in the day than I needed. Rarely was I stressed about grocery shopping, laundry, or errands in general. Life was carefree and many evenings were spent browsing bookstores, attending art events, and enjoying the city I lived in. Much has changed in four years! You can still find me in the book aisle and at museums, but now it is with my daughter in tow. The big difference is my week has become much more stressful. It is crucial that you don’t allow stress to take a toll on your mental and physical health. Our body is our temple and God doesn’t want us to be frazzled 24 hours a day. Efficiency is key if you want to keep your sanity!

Quick tips to make your week run smoother

Morning Preparation

Begin your morning on a good note, get prepared and eliminate morning craziness! I am not a morning person unless I am on vacation. I quickly learned that a little preparation the night before can save me from a huge headache in the morning.

Try these timesavers:

  1. Prepare lunches the night before. This will save you at least ten-fifteen minutes depending upon the number of children you have.
  2. Choose your clothes and the kids clothes in the evening. Pick out your clothes have them ironed and ready to wear. If you really want to be prepared, on Sunday prepare your wardrobe for the whole week. If your kids know what they are wearing they have little reason to fuss. The less decision making the better.
  3. Keep keys, book bags, and coats in a designated area. Make sure the homework is in the book bag the night before. Having a designated area for these items makes getting out of the house a quicker process.
  4. Create a check list. If you still find yourself forgetting things, make a checklist the night before and hang it by the door. Before you leave take a quick glance to make sure you have everything.

Week Preparation

If you are able to prepare for your week you are already way ahead of the game.

Here are a few ideas on how to better prepare for the week.

  1. Plan Your Meals. Carve out an hour in the week to plan the following week’s meals. There are a ton of great websites that offer quick and easy recipes that are nutritious and affordable. When you plan your meals you’ll save money when grocery shopping.
  2. Choose a Day for Grocery Shopping. Pick one day and do your grocery shopping for the week. Arm yourself with a list, coupons, and of course reusable bags and cut out unnecessary trips to the grocery store.
  3. Designate Laundry Days- Try to limit yourself to doing laundry twice a week and if possible once a week. Of course there will be exceptions to this rule especially if you have a baby or a sick child. But by doing your laundry once or twice a week, you’ll miss that dreadful build up of dirty clothes.
  4. Fill up the Gas Tank- If possible don’t let your gas tank fall below a half tank of gas. Once a week fill up your gas tank so you aren’t running on empty during the week and making additional stops to fill up the tank. Also if you don’t let it fall below a half tank you’ll save yourself some money.
  5. Take 15-20 Minutes to Clean a Room- There are some chores that are daily, like washing dishes, maybe taking out the garbage, and a few others. Do a 15-20 minute sweep around the house. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you can tidy up. Set a timer and get a workout in by picking up mail, magazines, or doing a quick sweep or dusting of furniture.

My life has done a complete 360, but I couldn’t be happier. I realized that being a present mother always takes precedence over the little details that bombard me throughout the day. I also learned that through preparation I am able to spend quality time with my daughter and if lucky even sneak in a quick matinee on a Sunday afternoon all by myself. Be efficient and learn what works for you and your family. Remember don’t be afraid to ask for help and if you can afford it don’t be afraid to hire help if it allows you to gain a few extra hours with God, your family, and yourself.

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  1. Renata Bowers on April 9, 2010 at 2:35 pm

    Chere, thank you for a great article- it’s great to read such practical advice. I’m new to this website and it is a great resource and blessing!

  2. blessed_mom on April 11, 2010 at 1:43 am

    Thanks Renata! I hope you are enjoying the articles and welcome!! God bless!


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