Welcome Spring Cleaning with These Easy Tips

I am welcoming spring with open arms! After a long winter my body is craving sunshine and spring breezes. Spring is a season for renewal and rejuvenation both for your body and home. Spring cleaning is both therapeutic and rewarding. Cleaning out the clutter and sweeping out the old while ushering in the new is good for the whole family, it is unbelievably cleansing.

Spring cleaning can be simple, below are some tips to keep in mind as you begin.

Have a Goal
Think about what you want to accomplish. Maybe it isn’t cleaning the entire house from top to bottom. You may want to focus on the one area in your house that has been a thorn in your side for the past three years. Focusing on a goal for your home helps you target exactly what you want to attain and keeps you from getting overwhelmed.

Create a List
Never underestimate the power of a list. Lists are a great way to stay organized, while keeping your goals and to do list on task. If you plan on cleaning all the rooms in your house make a list for each room. Write down what you want to accomplish in each room, be specific, and keep track of your progress. If your kids are spring cleaning their room, give them a list this will eliminate misunderstanding and they’ll know exactly what you expect of them and you can track their progress.

Have the Supplies Ready
Before you sweep up those cobwebs make sure you have all the cleaning supplies, storage boxes, and any other resources you need. Nothing throws you off your cleaning groove more than running out of window cleaner or paper towels. Create a separate list of all the supplies you need and purchase them in advance. Save money by going to the dollar store for sponges or paper towels.

Create Reasonable Expectations
Life is busy! Moms are running in a million different directions so don’t place too much pressure on yourself. If you expect to thoroughly clean your house from top to bottom in two days and you have three children, a dog, and other obligations most likely it isn’t going to happen. Think about your daily responsibilities and fit it in where it fits. Set your expectations to meet your lifestyle. Don’t neglect to set expectations because then nothing will get done, but be realistic.

Think Outside the Box
Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be exclusive to cleaning. It can include rearranging the furniture, changing the color of a room, or adding new pieces to a once dreary nook in the house. Spring conjures up a sense of renewal so while a thorough cleaning is a great detox for your home so is switching it up and adding something new! Also with all the tragedies occurring around the world donating home goods or clothes is a wonderful way to help out those in need. Check with local and international charities to find out donation procedures.

Don’t Do it Alone
The beauty of a family is that you aren’t alone. Too often moms take on the role of superwoman which only makes them frustrated, overworked, and exhausted. Involve your family from the youngest to the oldest and make it a family project. Kids want to be included and should be. You are part of a unit so make sure you work together as a team. Assign each family member a chore and hold them to it!

Don’t Give Up
It is easy to become overwhelmed, but don’t give up. Keep going and stick to your original goal. If you procrastinate the task only becomes bigger the next year and the stuff keeps on accumulating making the next time you decide to return to it worse. Once you finish you’ll feel relieved, uncluttered, and you’ll love the results.

Open the windows, put a fresh vase of flowers on the table, plant some seedlings and enjoy the spring time! Make spring cleaning satisfying and manageable. Take time to smell the roses while clearing out the old to make room for a new season!

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