30 Ideas to have Fun for Free with your Kids

Some of the best things in life are free! Being a mother has made me painfully aware of how expensive it is to raise a child. I have one daughter and the amount of money I have spent on ballet, French lessons, art classes, books, plays, and a host of toys is unbelievable! I enjoy exposing my daughter to different activities, not to mention I have a blast watching her do her plies in ballet and the proud look upon her face when she paints a masterpiece on canvas is priceless. But, as another $138.00 check cleared for summer ballet I begin to think of some cheaper ways to entertain Anya! There are a ton of activities that your children can participate in for free that are fun and overlooked.

30 things you can do with your kids that are free

1. Read the Bible and have Bible Study
2. Go on a picnic at a park, lake, beach, or even in your backyard
3. Plant a garden
4. Visit a museum
5. Take a good old fashion walk or hike
6. Search for free festivals
7. Take pictures in nature
8. Go to the playground
9. Visit the bookstore or your local library
10. Get a game of kickball going
11. Paint a room
12. Have a dance party
13. Ride bikes
14. Volunteer
15. Create a family blog
16. Walk barefoot in the grass and pick flowers
17. Go on a science hunt (collect rocks, go bird watching, and examine different insects)
18. Read a book
19. Bake cookies and deliver them to friends, families, or a shelter.
20. Jump in the car and take a ride
21. Create a scrapbook
22. Finger paint or paint on canvas
23. Play board games
24. Make a movie. If you have a camcorder tap into your children’s creative side and have them make a movie.
25. Put on a neighborhood play
26. Write a story together
27. Memorize bible verses
28. Cook a new meal
29. Do a neighborhood cleanup
30. Learn a language. On the internet there are a ton of sites that can assist you in learning a new language that are free.

There are so many activities to expose your kids to that won’t burn a hole in your pocket. The key is to use a little imagination and think about the interest of your family members. Too often we get caught up in putting our kids in so many different classes that we forget that having fun can be as simple as sipping lemonade on the porch and just talking with one another. Make sure the quality time you spend with your family involves God. Although our lives are busy we must always remember to make God our number one priority. Teaching our children that the most important activity is honoring and praising God outweighs any lesson you can buy for them.

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