7 Reusing Paper Tips for Young Children

For those of you that have toddlers or young children the issue of using paper to draw on has most likely come up. How can we let our kids enjoy coloring without feeling like we are allowing the waste of paper and the over killing of trees? Well, by being creative, coming up with ways to reuse it, chilling out and teaching your children how to draw and enjoy the paper without wasting it! Children do what they are taught. If we teach them to be green and that God wants them to take care of the environment and be good stewards, they will be conscience of that.

7 Tips for Toddlers and Young Children to Lean to Recycle Paper

Both sides – make sure that when they draw, they are using the whole sheet of paper and both sides as well.

Make more art – once the paper has been used, instead of tossing it, throw it in your art scraps for later. Old drawings can be cut up and used to make collages, or to cover an old frozen juice container and make a pen holder or other crafts that require paper.

Wrapping paper – it can be used as wrapping paper for gifts your child gives others. A great personal touch…especially for the Grandparents!

Make a puzzle – Use the pictures that are clear and have them cut it into medium size pieces to make a puzzle.

Scrap for Momma – you can take some of the drawings that can be reused and use them for grocery lists, memos, phone messages, etc.

Lining – cover some of the pretty pictures with contact paper and made draw liners. You can also make a couple place mats for snack time.

Book covers – protect some of your child’s good books by making book covers with their art. You can use the contact paper for that as well.

It really isn’t that hard to be green. It just requires a change of thinking and the willingness to be creative and make better choices!

Do you have any tips to share on reusing paper with kids? Please post your tip in a comment below!

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