Enjoy the Open Road

One of my favorite past times when I was single was taking road trips. There was nothing like driving down an open road on a warm summer day with the windows down and the tunes playing. Now that I have a permanent passenger beside myself road trips are even more enjoyable. Road trips are a great time for families to bond, create memories, and start new traditions. Kids and adults love an adventure, this year as the weather begins to get warmer plan a few family road trips for guaranteed fun. Try these tips to keep road trips interesting for the whole family.

Do Your Research
Thanks to technology road tripping has never been easier. First decide on the length of your trip, do you want to go for a weekend, a week, or a month? Where do you want to go? If you have smaller children you may want to stick to a short trip. Do you want the trip to be educational? You may want to take a trip to our nation’s capital. Think about what you want your family to get from the trip. Next research the attractions, kid friendly hotels, and events in the area. If there is a special event you may want to plan your trip around it.

Prepare Nutritious Snacks for the Road
It is tempting to stop at fast food joints along the way, but the whole family will benefit if they have healthy snacks to munch on rather than greasy fries. Grab some zip lock bags, fresh fruit and nuts and make individual baggies for each family member. Bring a cooler for sandwiches and pack plenty of water.

Make a Music CD
Have each member of your family compile their favorite songs and burn them on a CD or let each member bring a few CDs of their choice. This allows everyone to have a chance to listen to their favorite tunes.

Don’t Forget to Record What Happens Inside the Car
Some of the best memories are created inside the car! Remember to take pictures and video not only of the scenery but all of the memorable and funny moments that your family shares inside the car.

Pack Light
Pack light and don’t get weighed down by a bunch of extras. Bring clothes that are comfortable and are necessary for your trip. Pack an overnight bag with everyone’s pajamas, toothbrush, and a change of clothes if you are stopping off at one hotel and don’t feel like carrying all of your luggage in for one night. Remember to pack a first aid kit and keep extra blankets and pillows in the car for a quick nap.

Keep The Kids Occupied
Mom are we there yet? This may sound like a broken record after a few hours so it is in your best interest to keep them occupied! Bring games, books, along with coloring books for the little ones, sing songs, and give them their own miniature maps so they can see where they are at without always asking you.

Keep Everyone Involved
Once you research your trip talk to your family about the different attractions. Have each family member choose one thing they want to do on the trip and make sure you do it. This keeps everyone involved and having fun.

Scrapbook Your Road Trip
Road trips create memories that last a lifetime. After the trip gather the family together for a night of scrapbooking and relive all the good times! This is a great way for families to record those precious moments together.

The most important thing to remember is to have a sense of adventure! Do the research but also don’t plan every detail. Some of the best treasures are those we don’t plan for. Stop on the unbeaten path and the little towns along the way. There are so many hidden nooks and crannies in this beautiful country of ours waiting to be discovered, so whether it is a two hour drive from your home or a twelve hour drive, pack the car, sing some tunes and enjoy the open road with the ones you love.

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