Helping Our Children Face Their Goliaths

When I am afraid I will trust in you.- Psalms 56:3

My four year old daughter’s favorite Bible story is David and Goliath. I can see the excitement in her eyes as I read the ending when David conquers the mighty Goliath. She always says that David won because God was on his side and when God is on your side no one can hurt you. As a Christian mother, I feel extremely blessed that my daughter has such an interest in the Bible at a young age. To my great dismay I know she will face many Goliaths in her lifetime. I wish I could fight the battle for her, but I know that realistically these Goliaths help her to form her character and strengthen her faith. These trials are part of her growth, but more importantly they will mature her spiritually. Every day our children are faced with Goliaths and it is up to us to get them ready for the spiritual battle they’ll surely encounter.

The Scriptures tell us that as children of God we are in the world, but we are not of the world. It is crucial that we relay this message to our own children. Our kids are living in a very different world, a scary world that has little reverence for Jesus Christ. We must teach them that they are not of this world, that they are God’s children and with that great honor comes persecution, temptation, and hardships. Now that sounds harsh and I am not telling you to scare the pants off of them, but I am suggesting that you are honest and that you arm them for the battle.

Goliaths come in many shapes and forms and will attack our children on different levels. Their Goliath can be a bully, peer pressure, fear, or a host of other issues. They need to be assured that the Giant can be defeated! Here are a few suggestions on how to help your children face their Goliaths regardless of their age.

God is Mightier Than Any Burden
It is crucial that children not only know but believe that God is mightier than any burden they face. We need to sit down with our children and discuss the power of God. They need to understand that his awesome power can defeat any enemy or problem they are encountering. Read Scriptures that give them evidence on how mighty God is. It is important they understand the confidence that people in the Bible had came directly from their confidence in God. When your children begin to place their confidence in God you will see it shine through them because they will know that they are protected through their Savior.

Instill Prayer
I have said it before but instilling a habit of prayer is invaluable to your children. A parent’s first instinct when their children have a problem is to tell them to come to them. I urge you to tell them not only to come to you, but to go to God. Start their prayer life early by having family prayer. Let them witness you praying when you are facing a trial. When they see you turn to God you are setting an example as a Christian and a parent. If you see them struggling with an issue intervene, take them aside and pray with them. Get your children in the habit of praying and going to God with their problems, and watch him work miracles in their life.

Talk About Discernment
This may sound like a no brainer, but we have to teach our children to distinguish between right and wrong and good and bad. We have to educate them on choices that are wise and unwise. Teaching them to have a discerning spirit and mind allows them to filter all the ungodliness that is thrown at them on a daily basis. This starts by teaching them Biblical and moral principals. We have to allow them to use their own judgment, but guide them to make decisions that are based on God’s truths and not the truths of the world.

Teach them to Wear God’s Armor
God’s armor is integral to their survival against the giants in their life. We have to arm our children with God’s Truth. Without God’s Truth we are literally throwing them out to the sharks. Children have to be surrounded by the word of God. It is up to you to ensure that they are given a spiritual foundation that is strong and can’t be cracked by false teachers and the wicked ways of the world. Give them the resources they need to stand strong against the enemy. Teach your children to make their decisions prayerfully, to look at the Scriptures for guidance and truth, to listen to God, and to have faith.

It is important that we keep an open dialogue with our children. We should create a healthy and safe environment that allows them to share their fears. Encouraging our children to openly communicate with us and God enables them to deal with their trials in a constructive manner. Let them know that they are always protected through Christ. Jesus conquers every giant and through him our children will have victory!

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