Make Time for God

Regardless of whether you’re a stay at home mom or a working mom you are always working! During the week you are bombarded with countless errands, lunches to pack, dinners to make, bosses to please, and children’s activities to attend. The one area of your life that can easily get neglected is your spiritual life and your relationship with God. I am a single mom and I literally am always on the go, but I realized that if I didn’t make time for God and nurture my intimate relationship with Him, I would be running on empty, my spiritual tank would be hitting “E” and I would run out of gas, broken down at the side of the road. My biggest piece of advice for all moms is to make time for God. Not because as a Christian it is the Christian thing to do, but because of your love for Him!

He deserves our praise and worship!

Tips on getting your intimate time with God in daily:

Morning Time
Morning in many homes are considered rush hour, if you want to beat the traffic then be the early bird. Wake up a half an hour to an hour earlier than everyone else, get your bible, a cup of coffee and sit in a relaxing spot in your home and begin your bible study and prayer with God. I commute to work on the subway every morning and evening. I take this time to zone out and have Bible study. I have a small notebook, my bible, block out all distractions, and really spend some time studying the word. This helps to put me in a God state of mind. If you drive to work, invest in some Bible CD’s or turn on a Christian channel to listen to while you are stuck in traffic.

Lunch Time
If you are a working mom use your lunch hour to decompress with the word of God. Sit at a nearby park, take prayer walk, or simply sit at your desk and reflect upon the word of God or read some scriptures. If you’re at home, after you make lunch for the kids and lie them down for a nap instead of doing a household chore spend this time with God. If you have a prayer list, this is a great time to pray for those on the list.

Evening Time
Once dinner is over and the kids are put to bed, resist the urge to jump under the covers and veg out on television. Instead take a warm bath and bring your bible with you, this can be a relaxing time to meditate on the Scriptures while you’re soaking the day away. Walking or sitting on the porch with a cup of tea and spending time with God is also a perfect way to end the day.

The trick is, is to try and find moments in your day that you communicate with God. Keep a Bible in every room so it is convenient to read a Scripture as you do chores throughout the day. Write index cards with scriptures on them and make it a goal to memorize one every day and apply it to your life. Even if you are in the bathroom take that time to talk to God aloud! We need his word, his guidance, and strength to take care of our family and to live in a world that is full of sin. Nurture your family, but most importantly nurture your relationship with God.

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