Savvy Cents

Recently, I was asked to review a product called, Savvy Cents. It is a wallet to help you be more frugal minded. To be honest, when I first read her email and looked over her site, I did not think much of it…I mean I am very picky when it comes to my wallet and the way it looks. LOL. However, she was offering to send me one for free and give one away to one of our readers. Plus, I am always trying to be open minded in helping small business owners. :)

The wallet was created by, Melinda Claudepierre, you can read more about how she started Savvy Cents, here.

So, I chose my color, black, and waited.

I got the savvy cents wallet in about a week. It was packed nice and protected from damage in shipping.

I was actually pleasantly surprised when I saw the wallet. It was shiny, large and pretty. I even liked the little emblem on the front. :)

While I do like the wallets appearance, that was not even the best part, all the features are what really make this the coolest wallet on the planet! If you are a coupon cutter…or want to save money an become one, this is the only wallet you should have. You have everything in ONE place. Why have a coupon holder and a wallet, when you can have it all IN ONE!?

This wallet rocks!

You get a change section on the back, a coupon section WITH customizable labels included, pen holder, sections for money, credit cards, id’s and more. Another cool feature for the coupon section is that it snaps closed. So, if you have a lot of coupons, they stay put! There is so much room in this wallet, you can easily fit your list as well. :)

I love it and feel blessed that I got one for free! THANK YOU, Melinda!

Do YOU want a Savvy Cents Wallet…for FREE?

Melinda is offering one of these amazing wallets to one of our wonderful reader! :)

All you need to do is the following 3 super EASY steps:

1. Go to the Savvy Cents website and look around, find the color choices.

2. Choose the color you would want.

3. Post the color you would want and why YOU want to win in a comment below.

Bam! It’s THAT easy to enter!

I will announce a winner next week and Melinda will ship out a brand new Savvy Cents wallet to the winner in the color of their choice! YEAH! :D


  1. Amy Ottmers on June 9, 2010 at 4:36 pm

    I’m not sure if you chose a winner yet, I just found your website and love it. I would love to have the pink one, it is such a cute wallet love it!!!

  2. Faith_Mom on June 9, 2010 at 4:58 pm

    LOL! I forgot to post a winner! The winner is….


    Congratulations, Krystan!!!!

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