Chapter Eight: Hadassah Meets the Valerians

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In this chapter, Hadassah begins her new life with the very dysfunctional Valerian family…

A Voice in the Wind

Chapter Eight: Hadassah Meets the Valerians

I loved how Enoch felt God telling him to save Hadassah. It was so awesome. I am amazed at the wonderful details and merciful ways Francine Rivers writes this story…

I was also moved by Julia’s Mother, Phoebe and her Mothers intuition about Hadassah being her daughters servant. LOL. We do, as Mothers, know what is best for our children…and as we see this story play out in the coming chapters, we will see what a wonderful gift Phoebe gave her wicked daughter.

It was so sad how meanly Marcus spoke of Hadassah. I thought he was an arrogant moron in this chapter! I was, however, not surprised by how horrid Julia was toward her….she is such a spoiled little brat! It is shocking that she has such a kind hearted Mom…how does that even happen?? LOL! Oh, yes…I KNOW…it is WHO she hangs out with…how dreadful is Octavia?? Blech! More shocking is how KIND Hadassah is to Julia…even after all her mean spirited comments and disgusted perusal.

Alas, even in captivity and the assurance of a life in slavery, young Hadassah was still a young woman and could not fail to notice that the self centered Marcus was indeed handsome…aren’t they always? ROFL! He is also restless and unsatisfied and does not know why…hmmm…Maybe he is unknowingly discovering a God shaped hole in the pit of his soul?? I loved the silent interest he took in her as well…

By the end of this chapter, I could see how God has a plan to rock the Valerians boat just enough to swoop in and show them there is only ONE God…but…let’s just wait and see…who knows what this deliciously fabulous book has up it’s well written sleeve….

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