Chapter Nine: Julia’s Wedding

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In this chapter, Julia finds out that she will immediately marry an older man she barely knows…

A Voice in the Wind

Chapter Nine: Julia’s Wedding

Even though I felt sympathy for Julia in this chapter, I understood her father’s reasoning for the man he chose for her. He wants the best for her and understands her flaws. Sadly, however, I do not think anything can change Julia at this point in the story…

In the beginning of this chapter, Julia finds out she will marry. She is VERY angry and speaks to her father with much disrespect. He slaps her in the face. A few minutes later, while her Mother is speaking to Marcus about it, she defends what her husband did…

Phoebe Says to Marcus after he tells her father had no right to slap Julia:

“He had the right of a father. Much of what is going wrong with the Empire has to do with fathers who have not disciplined their children. She had no right to speak to your father the way she did!”

This was my favorite statement in the book so far. She shows such devotion and honor to her husband…and states a fact that is true in the real world we live in today. I am not saying I believe slapping our children in the face is necessarily a good thing…I DO believe the youth of today lack discipline!

Another interesting development in chapter nine is how intrigued Marcus is becoming with Hadassah. He does not even realize that he is falling for her on a deep level. It will be interesting to see how this develops!

Hadassah is an incredible example of what a woman of God should be. I am awed by this character. She prays for this family and feels the burden to be there for them. She understands her life was spared for a purpose…even though she is not certain what that purpose is yet….

Phoebe closes the chapter with a serious request for Hadassah. She asks her to please look after her daughter. However, she is really asking Hadassah to dedicate her life to the well being of Julia. Hadassah agrees. What a woman!

Cannot wait for chapter ten!


  1. Vanessa W. on June 16, 2010 at 1:01 pm

    I LOVED this book and have now moved on to the 2nd book of the series!!! :)

    As far as this chapter goes, I agree that Decimus was only looking out for Julia’s future and well-being. I also agree that the youth of today lack proper discipline today. I have been blessed with a stay-at-home-mom who was always there to steer me in the right direction, along with a loving father who provided his guidance when not at work. Unfortunately some kids and teens today don’t have that solid family structure and guidance to help them through life. Sometimes the parents are working and when they do have time with their children, are more likely to give the child what they want to make them happy out of guilt for not being around. I give Kudos to working parents who do an awesome job spending time with their kids and managing the household!

    With every chapter, I grow to admire and love Hadassah more and more! Truly a woman of God! Someone all of us can strive to be like!!

    Retweeting @VWalkerMK !! Love your book club!!

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