Lizard Attack!

I found this one today…It was originally shared on Moms of Faith forums, then my blog…I never posted it on site, so I thought I would share….

This a true story of an encounter I had with a neighborhood lizard.

My oldest daughter loves animals…all animals(with the exception of spiders, roaches, and bees). She’s wanted to be a vet since she was four.

We like to go on nature walks around the neighborhood quite frequently. On our walks, we have encountered many interesting events…we witnessed a cat take it’s last breath after getting hit by a car :( …we have saved an orphaned baby bird here and there…she saves earthworms from roasting in the sun on almost every walk…and once we even saved an earthworm who was half way down a lizards throat…I really don’t know how she gets me into it…

Speaking of lizards…a few months ago, we had more excitement than I anticipated on one of these adventerous walks. I silently prayed we would have nothing “fun” happen that day as we strolled along. Unfortunately, she was on a mission to catch a lizard…She finally caught one…She’s looking at this lizard and says, “Wow, Mom look at all the intricate patterns God has placed on His creation! Isn’t it beautiful?” Well, the homeschool Mom in me is thinking…Great word usage!…but, the girl in me is thinking…Yuck! Of course, I say, “Yes, sweetheart.”

OK…moving on with the story…she is happily walking along holding “Mr. Lizard,” while I’m pushing the baby in the stroller. All seems peaceful and quiet. Until…she suddenly shrieks! I turn to see her eyes wide open as she is pointing at my back yelling…and laughing…“it’s on you…it’s on you!” Try to get a visual…I am jumping up and down in place…flailing my arms…and screaming, “Get it off! Get it off!” As this is happening I turn to see her bent over and laughing uncontrollably and saying; “Mom…ha ha ha…I think you scared it to death..ha ha ha.” I glanced over at my little one, and she’s looking at me like I lost the few marbles I had left. I’m sure the neighbors were very entertained.

It was worth the horrific experience to see the laughter in my daughters eyes for the rest of the day and while she shared the story with her Dad…and mine!

She’s had a rough couple of days…This was a good thing…And hey, at least it wasn’t a spider…

OK, so there ya go…ROFL!

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