Movie Review – Prince of Persia

Movie Title: Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time
Rating: PG-13
Director: Mike Newell
Staring: Jake Gyllenhaal, Gemma Arterton, Ben Kingsley, Alfred Molina and Richard Coyle,
Category: Drama, Action, Adventure
Moms of Faith Rating:
7 out of 10

Intro: I love movies that take you to a different time, place…period in time. I am always fascinated. This movie made you feel like you were in Persia many many years past. All in all I thought this was a well made film with a great cast. However, as with all films made by this sinful world, there were some flaws…

Review: I never give too many details of a movie when I review it, and I will not do that with this review either. The most powerful part of this film, for me, was the strong sense of loyalty and family that is eminent throughout…even when doubts arise. One man never waivers. How many families in this world can honestly say they withstand all trials…together. Well, this can definitely be a ;lesson that in the end, love and loyalty really can withstand even the most evil of plans.

Prince of Persia is a film that is certainly not lacking in adventure. It has all the great qualities that men and women can both appreciate. I think it is a great date night movie. Men will get their action/adventure fix and women will get their romance.

There is no bad language or sex to taint the film. There is romance and kisses, Jake is shirtless a couple times…but nothing that would cause me to not see the film. However, there is one aspect of the film that will prevent me from owning it…

On the negative side: There are several flaws that I must mention…there is a magical dagger that has “special powers.” While they do not have chants or any verbiage associated with it, the fact of the matter is it does hold power. The dagger is the focal point of the film, so it is impossible to escape.

There are also men who have special powers and do things with those powers in the film in a few scenes. Again no verbiage, just actions.

Sadly, as with many movies today, God is not in the film. The only deity would be the ones who left the dagger.

There is also violence, lying, murder and scenes that could be scary for young viewers. I would definitely not allow children younger than 13 to see the film…and eves 13 may be too young depending on your child. I would see it first and make your own decision.

Conclusion: As I mentioned earlier, I think this is a great date night movie. The skin is limited, the language is clean and even the violence is not as bad as I have seen in movies past. There is a moral compass in the film and I liked the film…overall. However, because of what I mentioned it will not be in my personal movie library. I saw it once and that will be that.

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