Affordable Family Fun Summer Activities

I am sure many of you have heard the words “I’m bored” at some point during the summer. We still have quite a bit of summer vacation left, so I thought it would be good to share some great family fun ideas to help keep your sanity–while promoting family time! ;)

7 Ideas for Summer Fun with the Family:

Splash Day: Get the hose out or the sprinklers and let the kids have a blast. You can also let them make soapy water balloons and let them throw them at the car and then WASH it for you! LOL!!

Garden Fun: There are MANY things you can do with this option. You can make fancy stepping stones that the kids can paint and decorate, a peanut butter and nuts bird feeder, herb gardens, plant a tree, the list goes on and on.

Chalk the Walk: Buy some sidewalk chalk and let the kids make a welcome home Dad walk way. Another idea is that you can have them create pretty flowers and designs and then have a family sidewalk art show.

Summer Party: Why not have a summer fun party and let the kids make all the decorations. Children can be involved in the entire process or setting up the party. You can go to the dollar store and get most of what you would need for your summer fun party. Let them choose a theme. You can also use some of the other summer craft ideas for entertainment for your party! You could do the Chalk a Walk and have a art show when the parents come to pick the kids up. You could have a splash time…and even throw that sudsy balloons in just for fun. There are SO many ways to make a summer party fun, kid made, and CHEAP! Just use your imagination!

Family Game Night – Having a family game night on a weekly basis will help you connect better with your kids and build life long family memories. This is also something you can continue after summer. I suggest making it easy on yourself and get some paper plates and order some take out. Buy some age appropriate games and go hog wild!

Cultured Family Fun – The summer is a GREAT time to get the family out and about and cultured too! There are many free and low priced expos, museum displays, art shows and theater productions that hit major cities across the country in the summer. Check your local activities guide and look for things you can do as a family that are affordable for your budget and age appropriate for your family.

Family Movie Night – With the way movies are today, this CAN be tricky. However, I have found that even though there are age differences there ARE movies that the WHOLE family can enjoy. I encourage you to research first so that there are no “surprises” during the movie. Moms of Faith has quite a few movie reviews. Click Here to see what we have. Also, another great resource I use for movie and entertainment reviews is

Once you have made your decision as to what movies ARE acceptable to watch make a list and then allow the children to take turns picking a movie each week (or how ever often you do this). It help them feel more involved with the process. You can also add to your list as new movies hit the movie store.

If you would prefer to go OUT for family movie night, try a dollar movie. Many town have them and it is a wonderful…affordable alternative to the regular priced theaters!  The kids get the experience of a movie theater movie and the parents don’t break the bank.

I encourage you to be creative and do your very best to enjoy the time you have with your kids. Building fun family memories together will last a lifetime and keep your family strong and connected in future years. Moms, you will only have your kids for a short season of your life. ENJOY them while you still can. Laugh and have fun…get your inner kid out and have some summer fun! Oh, and do not limit these ideas to the summer. Most of them are great for year round family fun!

Do you have any summer fun ideas?

Please share them below, we would LOVE to hear them!

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