Are you a Single Mom? Create a Single Mom Support Network

When I entered single motherhood instead of trying to embrace friendships I ran from them. I felt isolated and I didn’t think I had the time and energy to really invest in friendships. I was too busy adjusting to being a single mom and juggling all the responsibilities of parenting, household and money management and the roller coaster of emotions I was enduring. If I had taken a moment to step outside of myself I would have realized that good friendships were the medicine I needed. If you are a single mom don’t make the mistake I did by trying to be a one woman show. Christian single moms often feel shame and guilt because they don’t live a traditional Christian family lifestyle. Most single Christian moms know that single parenting is not ideal and not the way God had planned it, but none the less many of us find ourselves in a single parenting situation.

Don’t hide behind closed doors! Friendships are vital to the survival of single moms. God doesn’t want us to face life alone. He wants us to have friends that will support and encourage us and he wants us to do the same for others. When I finally emerged from my cocoon I made friends and found a support group that understood my trials as I did theirs.

Here are some ideas on how to connect with other single moms

Church Groups
Depending on the size of your church, many of churches have single ministries. If your church has a group for single parents I urge you to join. This is a great way to connect with not only other single parents, but single parents who share the same beliefs and faith as you. If your church doesn’t have a group, talk to your Pastor about starting one. You may be surprised at how many single moms out there are craving this type of network.

Your Children’s School
When I became in tune to having more friendships I was surprised at how many single moms in my daughter’s school there actually were. If you notice another single mom, strike up a conversation with her. Schedule a play date and put forth an effort to get to know her. Some of my really good friendships have started out this way.

Create a Single Mom’s Group
In one of my previous articles, I wrote about starting a Supper Club for Moms. The best way to meet new friends is to have a common interest. Create a single mom’s group! Some group ideas are book clubs, supper clubs, movie clubs, or even a fitness group. A Christian single mom’s bible study is another great way to get together with your sisters in Christ and bond. Advertise your idea in church, work, or your children’s school, but remember to get permission to post.” Meet Me,”groups on the internet are also a great way to promote your group in the area you reside in.

None of us have super powers and all of us need friends and support. When women get together there is so much good and positive energy that is very powerful. Single Christian moms should support one another and reach out just as Jesus reached out to all those he encountered. Don’t be shy all it takes is one hello to start a long lasting and fulfilling friendship. Friendships are good for the soul and as a single mom it is important that you have a support group in place. Let’s face it life is a lot easier when you can call a friend.

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