Do’s and Don’ts For Marketing Your Online Business

Five Things To Do When Marketing Your Online Business

  1. Set up a Facebook account and use it to connect with friends, clients and potential clients. Be personable. Be Real. Comment on friends’ posts.
  2. Join Facebook groups and fan pages that you are actually interested in. Make new friends inside those groups by responding to their comments and making a new connection.
  3. Set up a Facebook fan page for your business and invite your friends to come and “like” your page.
  4. Set up a Twitter account and follow friends and potential clients. Use to find likeable people to follow. Tweet about interesting things. Read other people’s tweets and respond.
  5. Create a blog and write valuable, informative posts; posting something new at least once a week Link to your blog posts on Facebook and Twitter.

Five Things NOT To Do When Marketing Your Online Business:

  1. Don’t friend request a ton of people on Facebook that you do not know or try to add the friends that a mutual friend has. It’s annoying to people and you’ll also get flagged for spam.
  2. Don’t join every group and fan page that you can find, and don’t start friend requesting everyone inside of those groups or fan pages.
  3. Don’t invite the same people over and over again to “like” your fan page and don’t send a million messages asking friends to help you get more fans! One request is enough. If several months go by and a friend hasn’t “liked” your page, consider sending them one—just one– reminder message.
  4. Don’t sign up for “automatic followers.” This will just get you a ton of questionable and adult-type followers and lots and lots of spam!
  5. Don’t post on your blog once every month or two and expect a loyal following. Don’t fill up your blog with lots of buttons and ads. This will make your blog look cluttered and unappealing.

All hard work brings a profit, but mere talk leads only to poverty. – Proverbs 14:23

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