Review: Jumpstart Get Moving Wii Game

JumpStart is a wonderful company that offers a variety of educational items for children. In fact, JumpStart is one of my favorite companies when it comes to educational games and products. Trusted by parents and educators for years, Jumpstart always provides quality and education in a fun and effective manner.

Wii Nintendo, is another family company that has long since provided quality entertainment. Wii turned sitting and staring at a screen with a remote in your hand to getting up, laughing and playing with the whole family. Many who are not fans of video games, have changed their minds when it comes to the Wii. It is one the most used “games” in my house on rainy days and family game nights.

So, it is not surprising that I jumped out of my computer chair and could not type fast enough to accept the chance to review JumpStart Get Moving: Family Fitness with Brooke Burke for the Wii. The combination of JumpStart and Wii is always a pleasure, but this game sounded like just the thing for active play on rainy or snowy days. JumpStart sees the need for children to be physically active, moreover, for families to be physically active together. So, JumpStart and Wii melded their talents and became the peanut butter and jelly of family fitness Wii games. Families who exercise together are families who stay healthy together.

JumpStart Get Moving has a variety of features that will keep you challenged while keeping it fun!

* 18 fun sports games that use your Wii remote, Nunchuck and the Balance Board.

*Play by yourself or with others to add to the fun! You can even compete head to head with your family or friends.

* Customized routines.

* Unlockable items based on fitness and gaming progression.

From balancing on an Egyptian Pyramid to playing Baseball with your family, you will find that burning calories can be fun and a family affair. While, designed for ages 3-10, this game breaks the barrier on age range. This cannot replace a workout routine or outdoor physical activity but it can encourage exercise, allow you to burn calories, and turn indoor play into constructive physical play.

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