50 Mom-Scape Ideas to Keep your Sanity

Let’s face it, if you are a Mom, busy is your middle name. We pour our lives into our children and rarely take much needed time for ourselves or even to just breath and be women. Sadly, I do not think that is what God intended for Motherhood! I think the only way to be the BEST Mom we can be is to MAKE TIME to ENJOY life! Yes, it is OK to be a teeny bit selfish! LOL! I hope these Mom “escape” tips will help you take a few minutes here and there just for you…and hubby sometimes too! ;)

50 Mom-Scape Tips

1. Read a book by your favorite author. Take at least 15 minutes a day to just sit quietly and get some reading done.

2. Get up early to just breath. Relax. Pray. Take a few minutes to mentally prepare for your day.

3. Go to bed late. Relax. Pray. Mentally prepare for tomorrow!

4. Take a candle lit bath. Lock the bathroom door. This would be a good time to grab that book! Note to Super Moms -> bring the baby monitor if you must…LOL. However, TAKE SOME TIME FOR YOU!

5. Tape your favorite show and watch it while the kids are napping or at bedtime.

6. Insist on a daily quiet time. Reward the kids for cooperation. Use the time to relax, read your book, paint your nails, whatever. Keep in mind, YOU are in charge and if you are parenting properly, the kids must comply to your daily quiet time. It really is OK! LOL!

7. Get a pedi or manicure. Better yet, take a friend and make a day of it. Leave the kids with Dad, Mom, a friend or your Mother in Law.

8. Get your hair done on a regular basis if the budget allows. This will make you feel good, hubby check you out and give you some much needed time away!

9. Schedule monthly or at least bi-monthly Moms Night Out. Leave all the kids with the Dads. They will survive and it will be great bonding time!

10. Go for a scenic drive.

11. Shop alone whenever possible.

12. Exercise regularly.

13. Go for a walk…alone.

14. Garden.

15. Find a hobby and DO it.

16. Give yourself a facial after the kids go to sleep.

17. Get dressed up for no reason. Just to look and feel good.

18. Put some make up on for crying out loud!

19. Join a book club.

20. Go to a weekly Bible study.

21. Have lunch or dinner with a friend.

22. Change your look.

23. Get a pet. (this is good for Moms with older kids who still want to nurture :) )

24. Watch your favorite comedian on TV…better yet, go to a comedy club with hubby or a friend.

25. Go dancing.

26. Can’t dance? Take dance lessons.

27. Learn a foreign language.

28. Take a class and learn SOMETHING new.

29. Sleep in.

30. Smile more. Better smile wrinkles than frownies!

31. Buy a new outfit…or shoes!

32. Eat chocolate.

33. Eat out.

34. Ask for hugs from the kids.

35. Schedule a date night.

36. Go to the lake or beach.

37. Take a day trip.

38. Plan a weekend getaway with friends or hubby.

39. Get a massage.

40. Forget calories for a day.

41. Snuggle.

42. Cry.

43. Play a sport.

44. Learn hubbies favorite sport so you can enjoy watching it with him.

45. Rest more.

46. Laugh more.

47. Soak your feet.

48. Splurge once and awhile.

49. Test drive a sports car.

50. Volunteer.

I am certain if I sat here long enough I could come up with many more. LOL! However, this should be enough to motivate you to take more time for the woman side of you! It’s OK MOM! Trust me…this is coming from an overworked homeschool Mom of two…and a husband! LOL! (((hugs)))

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Fee free to share some of YOUR Mom-scape tips below!

Note: Thank you to my awesome teenage daughter for the GREAT name idea: Mom-Scapes! LOL!


  1. brenda on August 24, 2010 at 12:54 pm

    Thanks for the timely reminder for us WAHMs to take some time for ourselves, and that it’s not a sin!

    wife to Jim, mom of 7 [ages 17, 14, 12, 11, 8,6 and 4 mos] ,15 various pets, and WAHM for Gail Boyd Artist Management!

  2. Tammy on August 24, 2010 at 1:10 pm

    Hey Lara, :)

    That’s a clever title your daughter came up with! All excellent ideas. :-)

    However, I do have one to add to the bunch.

    Laugh hard with someone until you cry.

    Do you have a friend that makes you laugh a lot? Schedule an outing with them! I have a friend that I used to work with (at my floral designing job) that made me laugh so much…it’s a wonder I ever got any work done! lol I have not seen her in awhile. Need to meet up with her again soon.

    Thanks for the great post Lara! :D

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