Stress Busters for Christian Women

I believe that just being a woman is a gift. We are such wonderful unique creatures. God really outdid Himself when He created us! We have spirit, beauty, patience, abilities, time-management, multi-tasking abilities and humor like no other. However, being a Christian woman can also come with large amounts of stress.

All women have stress.

You can be a corporate woman who has to deal with the big boys. You have stress.

You are a Christian basically living in a modern day Babylon. You, my dear, have stress.

You can be a woman who is in school dealing with financial pressures. You have stress.

You can be a Mom who works outside the home and cannot be with your children as often as you like. You have stress.

You could be married. Um…YOU have stress!

You can be a homeschool Mom who has to deal with the stress of what that entails. Uh…you have stress too!

No matter what your story is, if you are a woman, you are most likely stressed out or at the very least stress is no stranger to you.

Women are more likely to die of heart disease than men, and women have a lot more stress than men. This is simply a fact of life. We can either let it get the best of us or we can fight it and win!

7 Stress Busters for Christian Women:

Pray. Spend serious time seeking Daddy God in Prayer. Do not make any decision, whether it is for work, marriage, money, kids, whatever, without first praying.

Read the Word. Spend time in the Word. Life is a battlefield and we wrestle on with flesh and blood. KNOW the Word and take authority!

Mental Vacation. Find a quiet spot. Even if it means leaving the house once in a while to sit on a park bench (with some mace on hand, of course…LOL!). Close your eyes and see yourself somewhere wonderful and spectacular. Relax there for a few and take some long deep breaths. You could read a good book. This would also be a great time to listen to some worship music on your ipod!

Fitness. Exercise is a huge stress buster and heart healthy. We all have time if we make time. Even a 15 minute walk around the mall will work! Get some physical activity going on in your everyday life.

Pamper Yourself. God created women to be beautiful. We are ALL beautiful to Him. Get your nails done, give yourself a facial, go to lunch with a friend, get a new hair-do. Basically…do something for YOU!

Eat Right. Too much sugar and caffeine is not good for anyone. Drink more water and eat more fresh fruits and veggies. You will feel better and maybe even lose some unwanted blubber. Oh, and drink lots of H2O! Nothing is better for a woman’s body, skin and aging than water! Oh, and do not rob yourself of the wonderfulness of chocolate! I am CERTAIN God made it JUST for His girls! LOL!

Find a Hobby or Sport. Do something just for you. Something that you like and you enjoy. Do something for no one else but you! We all have something we “wish we had time for.” Make the time. You only live once. You better make the time. Life is not worth living if you never get anything for you!

In closing, make the most of your lives. You have one life to live and it’s not a soap opera! It’s a gift from Daddy God, and you should be enjoying it! Just say NO to stress!

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