Discussion of the Week {intro}

Hello Beautiful Moms of Faith! :)

We have had a question or discussion of the week on our message boards since I started Moms of Faith. I thought it would be fun to add it to the main site and have a broader discussion base. It will help us interact and get several view points on topics we talk about each week. PLUS, there is a fun beneficial twist for those that participate. :)

How does it work?

Each week, I will post a discussion question.

Everyone who participates in an intelligent way (I mean not just a “yeah”, “I agree” , or other non-participating in discussion comments) will be entered into a monthly drawing.

If you participate every week, you will get one entry for every week!

That’s it! Just for PARTICIPATING and conversing with your fellow Moms of Faith, YOU could win something! :D

Prizes will vary from month to month; candles, gifts cards, books, cd’s, movies, and MANY more… I am quite creative! LOL!


  • God will be glorified on this site; NOT, self, opinions, or hurtful words.
  • Love at all times.
  • You do NOT have to prove you are right. Share your thoughts and leave it at that. Being right is not the point of this. Fellowship and communication is.
  • NO arguing.
  • Play NICE.
  • For heavy topics, PRAY before you answer.
  • Do NOT take offense…it is JUST a discussion.
  • NO bashing anyone or anything.


Let’s make the first one simple. :)

We recently partnered with Big Idea to begin offering give a ways and special offers for veggie tales!!! I am very excited and though it would be a fun topic to chat about.

What is your favorite…

Veggie Tale Movie?


Silly Song?

FYI: Later this week we are having an AWESOME Veggie Tale give a way…stay tuned…info will be posted on site!

Note: If you have any ideas for a discussion of the week question, please send it here.


  1. Amy on October 3, 2010 at 6:24 pm

    Veggie Tale movie – not sure that I can pick one, I really like them all.

    Character – Larry

    song – The hamburger song, hairbrush song, or the bellybutton song – all great!
    My family still enjoys singing along to Veggie Rocks where groups recorded some of the tunes.

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