TODAY is the BIG Day!!! Do not miss it!!

Hello Beautiful Moms of Faith!

Please take a minute to read this entire post. Thank you! :)

Today is the start of our TWO day FREE Expo!!!

* If you are looking for a business to do from home, then you will NOT want to miss this FREE….yes FREE  event! You will be provided with information from many different companies about what they have to offer, start up fees and other important info for joining their business.

* If you are looking for some great deals and products, then you will NOT want to miss this FREE event! Many vendors will be selling their products and offering specials.

* If you want an opportunity to WIN cool prizes, then you will not want to miss this FREE event!!!


Thursday (9/16) 7pm – 11pm (EST)
Friday (9/17) 7pm – 11pm (EST)

We are giving away over $700 in PRIZES!!

YOU could WIN just for attending!!

Some of the prizes we will give a way are…$25 Target gift card, stamp set, a sample pack of each flavor of Shakeology, spa gift basket, scentsy plug-in (air freshener), Mary Kay gift certificate, prayer journal, Slim-in-6 workout program, organizing shoulder bag, thermal lunch tote, cosmetic bag,  Everything is Lovely Collection Office Desk Set and Inspirational Photo Album and MUCH more! Moms of Faith will also be giving away books throughout the event AND a “grand prize” drawing. See more below.

ALL you have to do is show up!


All you need to do is register and then Click on “Expo Room” to enter!

Also, if you want to see the schedule of what vendor is hosting and times, use this link and scroll down a little. :)

WOW!! Check THIS Out!! –>

Grand Prize Drawing: EVERYONE that comes and listens to at least one presenter (listen to more vendors get more entries! :) ) will be entered into a drawing to win: 4 gourmet votive candles, $25 Target Gift Card, my e-book: Ongoing Journey to Thin, and the paperback book; “Chocolate for a Woman’s Soul” … PLUS, do not forget you can win prizes DURING each presentation as well!!

I really hope you will try to support Moms of Faith by attending this event. You do not need to stay the whole time…just look at the schedule and pick the vendors that look interesting. :)

Thank you and God Bless!

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  1. Vernice Maz on September 16, 2010 at 6:37 pm

    I haven’t heard of an online expo. Sounds like a great idea for getting customers and businesses together. I plan on attending and enjoying the experience.

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