Friday’s Fantastic 5 {favorite candies}

Hello all! :)

Another week of Friday’s Fantastic 5! Since Halloween and other fall festival type things will be going on this weekend, I thought what better top 5 than one that deals with the inner kid in all of us…CANDY! LOL! I would LOVE for you to participate in this new MOF meme!

OK, on to THIS week’s Fantastic 5!

10/29/2010 MOF Friday’s Fantastic 5 of the Week:

Topic: Top 5 Favorite Candies

1. I know it is not Christmas yet, but one of my absolute favs is Ghirardelli’s Peppermint Bark. YUM! Happy is the man who makes sure it is in my stocking come Christmas morning! LOL!

2. I also love love LOVE Godiva!!! Truffles are the best. YUMMMMers!!!

3. A frozen almond snickers is another one that makes my inner girl light up! It is oh so yummy!

4. Another one that is new to my palate, at least, is Take 5. The pretzel and caramel and chocolate gooey goodness is more than this dieting girl can handle! LOL!

5. Peppermint patties are my current fav since they are lower in fat and calories while dieting. I also like the fact they make my breath smell good! LOL! I have to sneak them though cuz of my stalkers children…LOL! Very crafty I must be…in the words of Yoda…ROFL!

OK, YOUR turn! Post your top 5 below…or better yet, on your blog! :)

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